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15th Clean Coal Forum

CDMC Events / Taiyuan, China Multiple exhibitions from project owners and coal owners in coal power generation and coal chemical, core equipment and solution providers to showcase excellence and shake hand with the target clients.
1-4 June-2015

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE)

ETA s.r.l. / Vienna, Austria

EUBCE is Europe's largest international conference focused on biomass combining a highly-respected international scientific conference with an industrial exhibition and gathers participants from research, industry, policy and business of biomass. It highlights progress in research, technological development and production processes. It brings together all key specialists to make it the most important international platform for dialogue between research, industry, research and industry, and policy in the biomass sector.


Next steps for infrastructure and planning in Scotland

Westminster Forum Projects / Edinburgh, UK

Delegates will assess the impact of the recent publication of the National Planning Framework 3 which sets out the Scottish Government's long term development and investment strategy alongside the supporting Scottish Planning Policy which provides priorities for land development and policy application.


Moving towards zero waste - policy practicalities and developing the circular economy

Westminster Forum Projects / Cardiff, UK

This timely seminar will consider the next steps for policy and practice in order to meet the Welsh Governments aim of becoming a ‘zero waste economy’ - with particular focus on the challenges for waste minimisation and moving towards a circular economy in Wales.

15-17- June-2015

Water Resources Management 2015

Wessex Institute / A Coruña, Spain

The eighth International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management will present the more recent technological and scientific developments, associated with the management of surface and sub-surface water resources.

17-19- June-2015

River Basin Management 2015

Wessex Institute / A Coruña, Spain

River Basin Management 2015 is the 8th Conference in the series which marks the growing international interest in the planning, design and management of river basin systems.


Site Investigation 2015

Brownfield Briefing / London, UK The importance of a robust and detailed site investigation that enables appropriate and justified brownfield development cannot be under-estimated. Improving the quality and integrity of your data collection and then effectively manipulating and conceptualising this data in order to target remediation appropriately can result in huge cost- and time-efficiencies.
22-23- June-2015

Meter Asset Management

SMI / London, UK

Learn how to implement best practice being used across Europe, understand how to train and optimise your workforce and discuss how interoperability can be implemented at SMi’s 2nd Annual Meter Asset Management conference. This event will cover issues relating to new smart meters as well as focus on looking at the retention of traditional metering and the many processes involved in switching them over.


Ensuring There Is Always Sufficient Water On Site For Completions

SGTO Training / Denver, USA

Over the course of the day, the trainers will be providing a checklist of key factors that have to be carefully considered when putting together a water sourcing strategy. While sourcing requirements are driven in large by the size of the company, the same cost-benefit formula applies to all companies as a starting point for analysis. Knowing exactly what needs to be done can only be derived from someone that has had years of experience in the field and can speak out of practical experience, not theory.


Shale gas in the UK: regulation, addressing challenges, and energy security

Westminster Forum Projects / London, UK

This will be an opportunity to examine the first interim report from the independent Task Force on Shale Gas which recommends the creation of a new onshore underground energy regulator to simplify shale regulation and increase public confidence in onshore developments. The Task Force is due to release their second report into the environmental impact of shale at the time of the seminar and its chair, Lord Chris Smith, will be delivering a keynote address at this event.


PCA Annual Conference & Best Practice Awards 2015

PCA / Cambridge, UK

Our annual Conference is taking place on 23 June at the Moller Centre in Cambridge and we have, what we believe, is an interesting speaker programme. PCA Members get one FREE place per company and additional attendees are just £25+VAT per person! The cost for non-members will be £50+VAT per person.


How To Plan And Design An Optimized Water Infrastructure System In A Shorter Time Frame And At Lower Costs

SGTO Training / Denver, USA

On this course, you will be given a checklist of the key considerations that have to be made when devising your water infrastructure strategy in order to streamline operations and work within regulations to reduce costs. The optimal design is going to vary from company to company so you will be taught how to optimize your water system based on water location, existing facilities, costs, regulations and short and long-term company business objectives. You will be walked through a step-by-step guide of the evaluations that need to be made to help you arrive at the best possible system.


Selecting The Right Water Treatment Technologies At Lower Costs

SGTO Training / Denver, USA

This interactive 2-day master class will provide water professionals and water management teams within Shale Gas & Tight Oil operations, with the training required to gain efficiency and reduce costs in water treatment processes. A detailed tutorial on how to analyze the quality of your source or produced water, the minimal water quality requirements for different frac types and a step-by-step plan for designing the optimal selection, application and overall cost-reduction water treatment strategy, will deliver transformational enhancements to the work place.

25-26- June-2015

12th Asia Gas Congress

CDMC Events / Beijing, China Topics to be discussed include Status and Prospect of Asia Gas Market under the Global Revolution of Supply-Demand, China Energy Structure Adjustment and the New Foundation for Gas Growth in New Normal and more.

Shale Gas and Integrated Water Management

CIWEM / London, UK This conference will look at the perceived risks of shale gas extraction to the environment and the management of these risks. Speakers will also discuss the use of best available techniques (BAT) of produced and flow back waters, monitoring and management of extractive waste and integrated water management.

Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK: policy priorities, collaboration and long‐term confidence

Westminster Forum Projects / London, UK This seminar will provide a timely opportunity to assess progress and next steps of the Government's Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Commercialisation Programme as the UK seeks to move into Phase 2 of rollout. Delegates will consider priority challenges for deploying CCS technology at a commercial level, including development of CCS in large industrial sectors, technology and engineering issues, and requirements for supply chain and transportation infrastructure. Additional areas for discussion include investment priorities and the level of Government support in light of the £2.5 million funding to develop North Sea CO2 storage.

Next steps for climate change policy ‐ delivering the National Adaptation Programme

Westminster Forum Projects / London, UK This seminar will assess progress and examine next steps towards the National Adaptation Programme (NAP), which sets out activity in Government, business and more widely to adapt better to the changing climate. It will be an early opportunity to assess the NAP progress report, due to be presented to the Government by July 2015 by the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) of the Committee on Climate Change. The Head of Adaptation, Committee on Climate Change, Daniel Johns, is a keynote speaker at this conference.
15-17- July-2015

Water and Society 2015

Wessex Institute / A Coruña, Spain The Water and Society Conference is to be reconvened in 2015 following the success of the previous meetings, the first of which was held in Las Vegas in 2011, followed by the meeting in 2013 in the New Forest, UK, home to the Wessex Institute.

Electricity Market Reform: Contracts for Difference and the Capacity Market

Westminster Forum Projects / London, UK Delegates will assess the future of the Contracts for Difference regime and the Capacity Market auctions in the context of energy investment in the UK, following announcements that the European Commission is investigating Member State aid for energy supplies, as well as the practical and financial challenges of delivering EMR.
5-7- August-2015

Water Efficiency Conference 2015

watefnetwork / Exeter, UK More information to follow.
3-4- September-2015

SUDSnet International Conference 2015

SUDSnet / Coventry, UK

This 2 day meeting will include a mix of research and practitioner speakers, posters and displays on SUDS and SUDS -related topics.
A perfect opportunity to get up to date with recent developments and future directions in research and application of SUDS.


National infrastructure planning: priorities, funding and progress of major projects

Westminster Forum Projects / London, UK

This seminar will provide a timely opportunity to assess the next Government's priorities for national and local planning and latest progress towards delivering Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs).


Next steps for the water industry: prices, regulation and infrastructure

Westminster Forum Projects / London, UK

This seminar focuses on the development of the water industry in the UK following Ofwat's Price Review which sets the prices companies can charge over the 2015-2020 period.

15-17- September-2015

RWM 2015

CIWM / NEC Birmingham RWM is Europe's premier resource efficiency and waste management event. The place to network, close deals and generate leads. RWM 2014 saw more exhibitors doing business at the show than ever before - with many companies taking orders on their stands at the NEC. In addition, record numbers of waste producers and local authorities were in attendance to source new suppliers and equipment.

Integrated Water Resources Management Conference

WWT / Birmingham, UK The Integrated Water Resources Management Conference, taking place on day one of Sustainable Water 2015, examines the challenges of balancing economics and the environment and will provide a timely opportunity to consider updates to the Water Framework Directive and implementation of the next round of River Basin Management Plans.
17- September-2015

The future of the energy sector in Northern Ireland: cost, supply and regulation

Policy Forum for Northern Ireland / Belfast, UK

This seminar will provide a timely opportunity for delegates to consider the future of the energy sector in Northern Ireland at a time of significant reform and restructure.

21-24- September-2015

Land Use and Water Quality (LuWQ2015)

Austropa Interconvention / Vienna, Austria

LuWQ2015 is an international and interdisciplinary conference on the cutting edge of science, management and policy to minimise effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters.
5-9- October-2015

Sardinia Symposium 2015

EuroWaste / Italy

Following the great success of the fourteenth edition held in 2013, which saw the participation of more than 700 delegates from a wide variety of countries worldwide, Sardinia 2015 promises to be the largest event of the year in the field of Waste Management and Landfilling.
6-7- October-2015

International Workshop on Waste Architecture

Eurowaste srl / Cagliari, Italy

The Workshop on Waste Architecture represents the first of a series of thematic seminars on environmental design and interventions focussing on waste collection, disposal and management. Waste Architecture is a new and relatively unexplored conceptual and design topic which promises to give rise to a lively debate between environmental professionals, and architecture and urban design experts. This first appointment will focus mainly on the architectural, functional and landscape rehabilitation of old landfills.
6-9- October-2015

10th Greenport Congress and 3rd GreenPort Cruise Conference

Mercator Media / Copenhagen, Denmark Now in its 10th year the GreenPort Congress attracts more than 195 port professionals, from over 30 countries and 98 ports. It is widely recognised as the key event for decision makers from the port community - port authorities, terminal operators, shipping lines, logistics operators - to both learn about and discuss the latest in sustainable development and environmental practice to enable them to effectively implement the changes needed to reduce their carbon footprint and to be more sensitive to environmental considerations.
15-16- October-2015

European Shale Gas & Oil Summit 2015

Charles Maxwell / Manchester, UK The Third E-SGOS 2015 is a two-day conference, exhibition, networking event and media platform for the shale gas, coal bed methane, and underground coal gasification industries for the UK and Europe. The event will be attended by central governments, local governments, energy institutions, operators, contractors, service companies and stakeholders. This years event will hold 40 speakers, 3 conferences, 400 attendees and 30 exhibitors.

Flood management in England

Westminster Forum Projects / London, UK This conference will be a timely opportunity to assess the policy priorities for flood and coastal risk management in England. It follows the announcement of Government plans to invest £2.3 billion in flood defence projects up to 2021.

Energy Summit

Economist Events / London, UK

This year's summit will focus on what the energy business will look like 15 years from now. It will provide insights into future global supply and demand pattern for oil and gas, nuclear, coal and alternatives across developed as well as developing economies across the globe.


Drinking Water Quality Update Seminar

CIWEM / London, UK

More information, including the event programme and booking, will be available online shortly.

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