Parent Company Tauw Holding BV
Contact Mr. Marc Leijendeckers
(Strategy & Business Development)
Tel: +31 570 699 911
Company Background

Tauw Group is a leading European provider of environmental engineering and consulting services. We are a 90-year-old international firm of consulting engineers with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy which make sustainability tangible and feasible. We empower caring consultants and engineers to shape impactful solutions for a world in which both human and natural capital can flourish. Our 1.200 passionate and competent employees work in an open, diverse, and participative culture. We firmly believe in the power of teamwork and empower our colleagues and support our clients and partners to improve the quality of their services. We expand and share our knowledge and innovate to make sustainability tangible and feasible.

Global group staff 1,169
Global environmental services staff 1,169
Global environmental consulting staff 836
Work Area Details
  • Air quality
  • Climate change & energy
  • Contaminated site assessment/remediation
  • Ecological/wildlife services
  • Impact assessment
  • Environmental risk & due diligence
  • Environmental management & compliance
  • Sustainability strategy & ESG
  • Waste management/circular economy
  • Water quality & resource management
  • Other services