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Environmental consulting’s northern exposure

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Environment Analyst invited senior managers from a selection of leading environmental consulting providers operating across the Nordics to give their impressions of the regional industry, what’s driven it to date, the characteristics country by country, and the opportunities ahead.

It’s a region that is recognised the world over for its green credentials with strong leaning towards renewable energy across all four country markets, particularly wind power, serviced by a relatively mature and largely home-grown environmental consulting sector. But closer inspection reveals that, whilst as a region there are certainly similarities, each country market is actually quite distinct with its own historical drivers and focal areas.

And a foothold in one (or more) of the Nordic markets does not automatically afford access to the neighbouring countries.

Subscribers can download the full Insight report here

With thanks to our contributors from NIRAS, Ramboll, Sweco and WSP.

This report provides some insights into a relatively developed regional EC industry including:

  • Key resident players operating across the region and their respective paths to reaching dominant market positions
  • Market drivers to date and key areas of activity country by country, as experienced first-hand by our contributing firms
  • Difficulties facing would-be entrants from outside the market
  • Future prospects and expectations for the Nordics’ environmental consulting market and for the businesses of our expert commentators

This special Insight Report is available to our Global MIS subscribers as a pdf download. Please log in (button on top right of page) to view the full report, if you are not already.

Subscribers can download the full Insight report here

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