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Insight Report: Decommission impossible?

Places - Brent Charlie - © Shell

With the price of oil steadily increasing, but recoverable North Sea resources dwindling, oil & gas operators now face some difficult decisions. Continue to drive what efficiencies they can from their aging infrastructure or start decommissioning assets that in some cases - were never designed to be removed - and all in the context of some highly complex environmental management challenges.

With the shadow of Brent Spar looming over this industry, stakeholders are well aware of their obligation to manage the environmental sensitivities of their activities. But some are starting to question if the complete removal of assets is the best environmental option, not to mention the safest. In this special Insight Report Environment Analyst looks at the pros and cons of conventional vs alternative approaches with our expert panel of specialists - who have collectively been involved in many of the biggest North Sea decom projects to date.

We also assess the export potential for environmental skills and support services honed in North Sea decom to other regions of the world where oil & gas operators are facing similar challenges.

Subscribers can download the full Market Insight report here

With thanks to our contributors - including senior representatives from Ramboll, SNC-Lavalin's Atkins business and Xodus Group - for sharing their perspectives on managing the changes and challenges in this rapidly emerging sector.

Download the full report to find out more on:  

  • The scale of the North Sea decommissioning challenge, how much it will cost to remove half a century of oil and gas exploitation and what efficiencies might be gained
  • What role the price of oil plays in dictating the operators’ decommissioning programmes and what this means for consultants and the supply chain
  • How the environmental consenting associated with decommissioning has changed in recent years and how the rigs-to-reef management concept is gathering traction
  • How some firms active in the UK decommissioning supply chain are using the North Sea as a springboard to become experts for hire in the international decom market and which other regions of the world look particularly ripe for export  


This Insight Report is available to our UK MIS subscribers as a pdf download. Please log in (button on top right of page) to view the full report, if you are not already.

Subscribers can download the full Market Insight report here

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