8 Mar 2019

Stronger Towns Fund could struggle with scale of problem

Brownfield Briefing: The government’s Stronger Towns Fund could help boost areas left behind economically, but much will depend on detail and wider funding decisions post-Brexit.

7 Mar 2019

Salisbury decontamination work completed

Brownfield Briefing: Defra has announced that the final site has been decontaminated following the alleged nerve agent attack this time last year.

28 Feb 2019

Changing times expressed in Glasgow’s development plan Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Scotland’s first city is traditionally associated with shipbuilding and heavy industry. But that is changing with iconic modern buildings and landmarks and set to be improved by supplementary guidance on economic development set to go before ministers. Will Hatchett reports.

28 Feb 2019

Waste classification guidance launched Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists’ Waste Classification for Soils – a Practitioner’s Guide is now available.

28 Feb 2019

Turmoil over development on habitat regulations sites eases

Brownfield Briefing: A dispute over development of sites protected under the Habitats Directive where mitigation is possible has been resolved in the latest NPPF draft.

28 Feb 2019

Coal-fired power station re-born as offshore energy park Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Lead contractor begins multi-million pound transformation.

28 Feb 2019

Lead contamination leads to Scottish school closure Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Following the discovery of raised lead levels in a school in Annan in Dumfries and Galloway in south west of Scotland, local councillors are calling for more information on potential dangers to children and how long they were exposed for.

28 Feb 2019

‘Bright green’ Glasgow stream sparks health alert Locked

Brownfield Briefing: SEPA seals off waterway after a period of low rainfall. The chromium ore processing residue became more concentrated, creating a bright green colour.

28 Feb 2019

Tilbury port expansion go-ahead despite threat to wildlife Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Forth Ports, owners of the Tilbury ‘super port’ in Thurrock, just outside London, have been given the go-ahead by transport secretary, Chris Grayling for a massive £200m expansion of the facility, despite feared threats on wildlife.

28 Feb 2019

£75m Belfast redevelopment project gets go ahead Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Approval has been granted to redevelop the former Belfast Telegraph building, while a new park will also be built in the west of the city.

28 Feb 2019

Environmental sampling guide released

Brownfield Briefing: The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists has published advice on the sampling of soils, liquids, and gases.

28 Feb 2019

Anglesey remediation works sensitivity recognised

Brownfield Briefing: VHE site agent Phil Dews has received a Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate for the Part 2A works on the Craig Y Don estate in Amlwch.

22 Feb 2019

Planning appeal time to be ‘cut by half’

Brownfield Briefing: The time taken by planning appeal inquiries may be reduced by half, following the welcoming by government or an inquiry carried out by Bridget Rosewell.

22 Feb 2019

PHE issues health guidance on land contamination Locked

Brownfield Briefing: New guidance from Public Health England highlights practical ways residential users of gardens and allotments can manage risks from potential soil contamination.

22 Feb 2019

Free market institute upsets sacred cows Locked

Brownfield Briefing: You wouldn’t expect a leading neo-liberal think tank to advocate building on the green belt and raising capital gains tax, using the receipts for public benefit. But these surprising recommendations are contained in the Adam Smith Institute’s latest report. WIll Hatchett assesses it.

22 Feb 2019

Bolton councillors clash over fly-tipped ‘green corridor’ Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Proposal goes against 'brownfield first', but site needs to be cleaned-up.

22 Feb 2019

MoD partnership agreed to speed up housing land delivery Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The estate will be reduced by roughly 30%, with many airfields marked for disposal.

22 Feb 2019

Banned insect killer in UK waterways Locked

Brownfield Briefing: High levels of a chemical used for pet flea treatment, which is known to harm bees and water-based insects including water beetles and dragonflies, has been discovered polluting waterways in Kent.

22 Feb 2019

Neighbourhood forum uses crowd sourcing for legal advice on targets Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Confusion over the correct housing targets and changes to planning regulations are main drivers.

22 Feb 2019

Harworth Group expands Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Two new brokers appointed along with three directors.

21 Feb 2019

Enviro-professionals publish practical guide on biodiversity net gain Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A more in-depth, practical set of guidelines for a wide range of stakeholders has now been added to previous high-level guidance on biodiversity net gain.

21 Feb 2019

£250m boost to housing and to garden towns Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A new government push on boosting housebuilding rates will help plug housing gaps in several areas, though there is uncertainty over the degree of future-proofing as carbon emissions standards tighten.

21 Feb 2019

Parks receive £13m from Government Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The funding will be used to create new green spaces and help redevelop derelict spaces.

21 Feb 2019

Brownfields could deliver 37,000 Enfield homes, says CPRE Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The charity is concerned about the volume of green belt development proposed in the North London Council’s Local Plan.

21 Feb 2019

Midlands targets 1,575 homes on brownfield sites

Brownfield Briefing: Following the success of the West Midlands Combined Authority’s investment fund, it is targeting more sites for regeneration.

21 Feb 2019

Barracks site included in modified White Horse Plan

Brownfield Briefing: The Vale of White Horse District Council’s draft modifications include the 1,200-home site and the removal of a 1,000-home allocation in Harwell.

15 Feb 2019

Global clean-up and monitoring markets set for strong growth

Brownfield Briefing: A slew of new market reports have found strong prospects for growth in soil treatment, arsenic removal and water quality monitoring.

14 Feb 2019

Jacobs demonstrates PFAS soil treatment breakthrough Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The international consultancy has co-demonstrated thermal treatment of soil and other technologies for water clean-up with potentially far-reaching benefits.

14 Feb 2019

Ayrshire wins £100m growth deal

Brownfield Briefing: Brownfield sites set to figure large in the £100m investment.

14 Feb 2019

St Helens plan ‘not green enough’ Locked

Brownfield Briefing: In the revised local plan, green belt sites for development have been reduced by more than half, to 24.