27 Jul 2018

EA annual report: positive progress amidst illegal waste warnings Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The Environment Agency claims significant progress has been made in achieving the goals set out in its 2020 Action Plan.

Europe, United Kingdom
26 Jul 2018

CL:AIRE uses Qualified Person disciplinary procedures Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Its whistleblowing service and disciplinary procedures for QPs have been in place since the turn of the year.

26 Jul 2018

Invasive weed to tackle metal contamination? Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The water hyacinth is effective at removing metal contamination from riverbeds, according to researchers at De Montfort University in Leicester.

26 Jul 2018

Sheffield scheme wins at SuDS awards

Brownfield Briefing: Sheffield City Council’s Grey to Green Phase 1 has won the big prize at the inaugural susdrain SuDS Awards.

26 Jul 2018

Krasny Bor waste site cleanup to proceed

Brownfield Briefing: Finnish and Russian Ministers and international representatives have discussed cooperative cleanup measures at the waste disposal site, which contains toxic industrial waste from the St Petersburg and Leningrad areas. 

Russia and CIS
26 Jul 2018

Waste dumping rife in empty commercial units, says EA

Brownfield Briefing: Thousands of tonnes of illegal waste are being dumped in commercial units and on derelict sites across the UK, according to the Environment Agency.

20 Jul 2018

Hull chasing City Deal for clean-up

Brownfield Briefing: Leaders from Hull City Council are lobbying Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry for a multi-million pound City Deal to help clean-up and unlock derelict sites.

13 Jul 2018

What environmental factor is most likely to derail a housing scheme?

Brownfield Briefing: In Development+Infrastructure’s recent Housing and the Environment (H&E) survey, industry representatives identified contaminated land as the chief threat. But who was the most environmentally sensitive developer?

13 Jul 2018

Rhodar rebrand adds land remediation and demolition services

Brownfield Briefing: Rhodar adds to its established asbestos removal business.

13 Jul 2018

Dangerous pollution incidents increasing, says EA report

Brownfield Briefing: The Environment Agency’s latest report also finds South West Water and Northumbrian Water are the worst performers for environmental compliance.

Europe, United Kingdom
12 Jul 2018

Japanese knotweed threat is overstated, say ecologists Locked

Brownfield Briefing: There is no evidence to suggest that Japanese knotweed causes significant structural damage, claim ecologists from AECOM and the University of Leeds.

6 Jul 2018

Decontaminated sites 'safe' as new poisoning investigated, says Javid Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The critically ill man and woman have been exposed to Novichok, which almost claimed the lives of Sergei and Yulia Skripal back in March.

4 Jul 2018

BSI consults on ground gas building amendments Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The British standards body has invited comments on best practice in the design of protective measures for methane and CO2 ground gases in new buildings.

4 Jul 2018

Cornish firm fined for asbestos dumping Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Glebe Quarry Ltd has been fined £26,500 for the illegal dumping and handling of contaminated materials.

29 Jun 2018

BB Awards entry deadline imminent

Brownfield Briefing: Don’t forget to submit entries to the BB Awards 2018.

29 Jun 2018

EAD&I partners with Contamination Expo

Brownfield Briefing: Environment Analyst Development & Infrastructure has agreed a partnership with the Contamination Expo Series.

28 Jun 2018

Waste firm agrees odour enforcement undertaking

Brownfield Briefing: First ever enforcement undertaking agreed after Cumbrian waste firm breaches odour permits.

28 Jun 2018

Environmental improvements make trash screen redundant

Brownfield Briefing: Proposal to remove £200k a year trash screen highlights improvements made in controlling contaminated sediment in River Tame.

27 Jun 2018

Ecologia wins remediation contracts Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The contaminated land specialist will provide consultancy services at a former transport depot site in Kent and LNAPL remediation work in the Midlands. 

27 Jun 2018

Contaminated metric needs revising, says US firm Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Murray Einarson, Haley & Aldrich’s principal in Hydrogeology, has suggested a new approach for dealing with the closure of sites with contaminated groundwater.

North America
20 Jun 2018

CEH calls for better phosphorous management Locked

Brownfield Briefing: It has issued a global call for global policymakers to manage the substance more sustainably and reduce the widespread environmental damage it causes.

20 Jun 2018

Man given suspended sentence for 2,000t waste site Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The waste removal businessman has received an 18-week sentence for dumping waste and setting fire to it on an elderly Devonshire couple’s farm.

19 Jun 2018

Could machine tackle invasive species? Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Imperial College London has proposed a project to investigate if machine learning could help prevent the spread of invasive non-native species and pathogens.

15 Jun 2018

BB Awards entry deadline extended to end June

Brownfield Briefing: The entry deadline to the Brownfield Briefing Awards has been extended to the end of June.

15 Jun 2018

AECOM signs $450m US project extension Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The US Department of Energy has extended the AECOM-led remediation project at the Savannah River site in South Carolina. 

Global, North America
15 Jun 2018

Contaminated spoil adds £2.5m to rugby club project

Brownfield Briefing: Hounslow Council will seek compensation for remediating the proposed Grasshopper Rugby club site in west London. 

14 Jun 2018

VHE secures Birmingham remediation contract Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Homes England has tasked the company to remediate the site of a former Rolls Royce aeronautical control systems plant in Hall Green.

14 Jun 2018

Defra opens £400,000 fund for smart waste tracking Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Defra funding is available for organisations that develop digital solutions for tracking waste. 

Europe, United Kingdom
14 Jun 2018

HSE and SEPA to investigate Scottish petrochemical site Locked

Brownfield Briefing: ExxonMobil Chemical Ltd and Shell UK Limited will be investigated for unplanned flaring on the Mossmorran site in Fife.

6 Jun 2018

Soil mixing decontaminates and fortifies hillside Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Deep Soil Mixing’s slope stabilisation project in West Yorkshire has encapsulated asbestos fibres and made the hillside safer.