20 Jul 2018

Regulations on locally led new towns enter into force Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Mixed reaction to amendments on new town creation.

20 Jul 2018

Waverley ‘inflated’ housing plan to face Judicial Review Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A decision by the secretary of state to increase the housing target in Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan to satisfy ‘unmet need’ in the neighbouring borough of Woking faces Judicial Review amid concerns over number and landscape impact of new homes. 

12 Jul 2018

Network Rail loses landmark knotweed encroachment appeal Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Cardiff County Court has dismissed the rail body’s appeal after two Bridgend householders won their Japanese knotweed nuisance case.

12 Jul 2018

Slovakia hit by €1m landfill fine Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The EU Court of Justice has fined the country for failing to implement a site-conditioning plan at the Žilina–Považský Chlmec landfill site.

4 Jul 2018

Cornish firm fined for asbestos dumping Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Glebe Quarry Ltd has been fined £26,500 for the illegal dumping and handling of contaminated materials.

14 Jun 2018

Company loses £200,000 remediation limitation claim Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The firm had argued that it didn’t legally have to contribute to remedial work in Lincoln as the two-year limitation had passed.

14 Jun 2018

Sequential test judicial review quashed Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A High Court judge has upheld Colchester Borough Council’s decision to approve a major leisure-led development.

30 May 2018

London Mayor welcomes ruling on affordable housing Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The High Court decision backs Sadiq Khan’s threshold approach to affordable housing.

30 May 2018

SEPA hands out £49,000 in landfill fines Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A Strathblane landfill operator must pay £37,000 for illegal waste disposal and a Cumbernauld firm was fined £12,000 for failing to properly identify and describe waste.

23 May 2018

Potato pollution costs company £30,000

Brownfield Briefing: Rotting potatoes in a Norfolk warehouse resulted in river pollution that killed fish and invertebrates.

17 May 2018

Waste criminal given 26 months in prison Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The Worcester man dumped, buried, and burned about 26,000m³ of hazardous waste on his farm.

17 May 2018

Parish council successfully challenges standard 3 year development time-frame Locked

Brownfield Briefing: High Court rules against decision to impose three-year development time-frame.

2 May 2018

Three charged for Plymouth fly-tipping Locked

Brownfield Briefing: According to the Environment Agency, piles of rubbish were dumped up to waist height in several scenic areas.

19 Apr 2018

Surrey locals win village green case

Brownfield Briefing: The Court of Appeal has protected a common area of green space in Leatherhead from development.

18 Apr 2018

NRW makes Welsh waste warning Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The £292,000 fine received by a North Wales waste company serves as a warning to others.

18 Apr 2018

Judge overturns mine extension approval Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The Royal Court of Justice has ruled against the proposed extension of a limestone quarry on green belt land in North Yorkshire due to its adverse visual impact.

12 Apr 2018

Perthshire men fined for waste offences

Brownfield Briefing: Perth Sheriff Court has fined one man £4,000 for waste offences and another received a 200-hour Community Payback Order.

4 Apr 2018

Judicial review on land complaint holds up local plan

Brownfield Briefing: An Essex council's Local Plan cannot go ahead until CK Properties’ residential land complaint has undergone a judicial review.

4 Apr 2018

EA given new waste crime powers

Brownfield Briefing: The Environment Agency will now be given the power to lock up illegal waste sites.

9 Mar 2018

Firm fined for asbestos crime Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A Torquay company must pay £16,404 for neglecting to remove asbestos from two sites.

20 Feb 2018

Environmental compliance hits six-year high in Scotland

Brownfield Briefing: SEPA’s Compliance Assessment Scheme finds progress is being made through the Scottish environmental permitting regime

Europe, United Kingdom
15 Feb 2018

Environmental compliance is non-negotiable, says SEPA Locked

Brownfield Briefing: SEPA chief executive, Terry A’Hearn has highlighted the agency’s non-negotiable stance on environmental compliance, spotlighting two recent water pollution prosecutions.

15 Feb 2018

Cheshire East's local plan overcomes air quality concerns Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A High Court judge has backed Cheshire East’s Local Plan for shaping future development, dismissing an appeal by developer Muller Strategic Projects regarding irregularities in the plan’s air quality data.

7 Feb 2018

Appeal against landfill expansion turned down

Brownfield Briefing: A legal challenge taken by campaign group ARROW against the expansion of the Whitemoss landfill in Lancashire has failed.

2 Feb 2018

Local objector forces EIA for York Asphalt plant Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Local objector to a screening opinion for an Asphalt plant in York attracts Sajid Javid's attention.

2 Feb 2018

UKELA ranks environmental body membership post-Brexit

Brownfield Briefing: The UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) has published a report examining and prioritising the UK’s involvement with a range of European bodies – relevant to environmental law – post-Brexit.

31 Jan 2018

London borough’s Local Green Space allocation upheld Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A judge has upheld the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s decision to put a Neighbourhood Plan to a referendum - a move that may stymie a proposed residential development in a Local Green Space.

23 Jan 2018

Basildon Council secures green belt injunction order Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The Council obtained the injunction order form the High Court after hardstanding had been laid on green belt land in Bowers Gifford. 

23 Jan 2018

Devon firm to pay £109,000 for illegal dumping Locked

Brownfield Briefing: CC Haulage & Sons have been ordered to pay the fine for illegal dumping excessive amounts of waste on four Devon farms.

18 Jan 2018

Invasive species consultation opens Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Defra is seeking views on plans to enforce the EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation in England and Wales.