8 Feb 2019

Offshore wind licensing exemption period to be extended Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: BEIS has extended the maximum period offshore wind farms can transmit electricity without a licence as 2GW of projects face tendering delays.

8 Feb 2019

Environment Agency approves tighter permitting for Palmers Wood oilfield Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Oil and gas company iGas has had its permitting overhauled to incorporate stricter, up to date operating conditions at its oil production sites near Godstone, Surrey.

8 Feb 2019

ClientEarth partners sue over Bulgarian coal plant derogation Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Public interest lawyers are challenging a derogation allowing high levels of toxic sulphur dioxide and mercury at a Bulgarian coal-fired plant.

7 Dec 2018

Londonderry farmer convicted of water pollution Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: The effluent pollution was found to be toxic with the potential to promote the development of harmful fungi.

19 Oct 2018

IAQM issues revised dust and PM monitoring guidance Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Updated guidance looks at best practice for monitoring dust and PM at demolition and construction sites.

Europe, UK
5 Oct 2018

Kings Lynn firm fined £23k for water pollution event Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: DEM’s storage and spreading of excessive vegetable washings without a permit punished.

Europe, UK
20 Sep 2018

£14k pollution penalty for Staffordshire farm Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Farm fined after leaking slurry pit and insufficient slurry storage led to multiple pollution incidents and violations of Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulation.

21 Aug 2018

Northumbrian Water fined for discharging untreated effluent Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Discharges of untreated effluent to Smithy Burn in Broomley costs Northumbrian Water.

Europe, UK
20 Jul 2018

UU requests permission for further abstraction Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: United Utilities has applied for three drought permits to allow it to abstract more water despite low river levels.

Europe, UK
20 Jul 2018

United Utilities imposes hosepipe ban Locked

Flood Briefing: Water shortages across the north west force United Utilities into a hosepipe ban.

Europe, UK
12 Jul 2018

Egdon submits third Wressle oilfield application Locked

Brownfield Briefing: North Lincolnshire Council has refused previous plans due to various concerns including the development’s impact on groundwater.

12 Jul 2018

Slovakia hit by €1m landfill fine Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The EU Court of Justice has fined the country for failing to implement a site-conditioning plan at the Žilina–Považský Chlmec landfill site.

28 Jun 2018

Waste firm agrees odour enforcement undertaking Locked

Brownfield Briefing: First ever enforcement undertaking agreed after Cumbrian waste firm breaches odour permits.

14 Jun 2018

SEPA acts to prevent offensive odours from composting operations Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: SEPA enforcement notice issued after unpleasant odours are linked to composting firm’s operations.

7 Jun 2018

South West Water fined over £70k for sewage pollution Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: SWW fined following repeated failure to comply with permit conditions.

7 Jun 2018

Over 60 companies given access to 26,659 sq km of seabed Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: The Oil & Gas Authority’s 30th offshore licensing round opens up vast swathes of the seabed for exploration.

Europe, UK
31 May 2018

Nuclear decommissioning EIA amendments tabled Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: BEIS finally set out proposals for transposing the 2014 EIA Directive amendments into the nuclear decommissioning regime.

Europe, UK
3 May 2018

Seven tips for managing surface water on construction sites Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Managing director of environmental consultancy Naturally Compliant, Simon Knott, provides his seven steps to appropriately managing and disposing of surface water on construction projects.

Europe, UK
2 May 2018

Scotland sets precedent for fracking assessments, study finds Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Research comparing international assessments of the public health risks associated with fracking finds Scotland’s the most comprehensive.

Europe, UK
26 Apr 2018

BEIS tighten offshore O&G emission rules Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Despite protests from oil and gas majors, offshore combustion plants will need to adhere to the Industrial Emissions Directive and Medium Combustion Plant Directive.

Europe, UK
23 Mar 2018

EA updates environmental permitting charging system Locked

Brownfield Briefing: EA introduces bespoke environmental permitting charging system to recoup the cost of regulation.

Europe, UK
22 Feb 2018

United Utilities fined £155k for sewage pollution Locked

Ecology Briefing: United Utilities’ has paid £155k in environmental undertakings after it breaches environmental permitting licenses.

Europe, UK
20 Feb 2018

Environmental compliance hits six-year high in Scotland Locked

Brownfield Briefing: SEPA’s Compliance Assessment Scheme finds progress is being made through the Scottish environmental permitting regime

Europe, UK
1 Feb 2018

Hitachi nuclear reactor approved by UK regulators Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Environment Agency and Natural Resource Wales have rubber-stamped Hitachi’s reactor design for use by Horizon Nuclear Power on its Wylfa Newydd and Oldbury-on-Severn power plants.

Europe, UK
26 Jan 2018

Winter drought permit issued to Southern Water Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Southern Water has obtained a temporary winter drought permit from the Environment Agency to help refill Bewl Water reservoir in East Sussex.

Europe, UK
26 Jan 2018

Abstraction licensing guidance distributed Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Derbyshire-based water engineering and consultancy firm Envireau Water is working with the Environment Agency to inform businesses on the recent changes to abstraction licensing.

23 Jan 2018

Devon firm to pay £109,000 for illegal dumping Locked

Brownfield Briefing: CC Haulage & Sons have been ordered to pay the fine for illegal dumping excessive amounts of waste on four Devon farms.

26 Oct 2017

EPA blasts Irish Water’s management of urban wastewater Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Ireland’s environmental regulator raises major concerns with urban wastewater treatment as Irish Water goes on the defensive

Europe, Ireland
11 Oct 2017

Bristol firm fined for hazardous waste offences Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: A waste recycling company and two of its directors have been fined £32,450 for illegally supplying thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste to a development site in Avonmouth.

Europe, UK
11 Oct 2017

EA publishes manufactured topsoil guidance Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: The Environment Agency has released a Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) detailing how manufactured topsoil can be used without needing an environmental permit.

Europe, UK