19 Oct 2018

SuDS data sharing views sought by Water UK Locked

Flood Briefing: It believes it is important to create a complete record of SuDS assets as the industry expands.

19 Oct 2018

Surface water flooding biggest threat and interested in you Locked

Flood Briefing: Of all the flooding threats, surface water flooding is the biggest, says James Bevan, the Environment Agency’s chief executive.

19 Oct 2018

NRW begins clean-up following storm Callum

Flood Briefing: NRW reveals the extent of the damage caused by storm Callum as it cleans up its impacts.

19 Oct 2018

BGS’ ground monitoring system targets flood asset protection

Flood Briefing: An innovative system designed by the British Geological Society seeks to help protect flood assets from deterioration.

19 Oct 2018

£935k Lisburn flood scheme commences

Flood Briefing: Northern Ireland’s Department for Infrastructure reveals that construction of a £935k flood scheme has begun.

12 Oct 2018

Cardiff parks flood scheme completed

Flood Briefing: Parks reopen after completion of part of a flood protection scheme designed to protect over 400 properties.

11 Oct 2018

Social media tapped for real-time flood data Locked

Flood Briefing: Research that demonstrates how social media can improve real-time flood modelling has won the Journal of Flood Risk Management Outstanding Paper Award.

11 Oct 2018

£18m Rhyl flood defence plans revealed

Flood Briefing: Planned coastal erosion defences seek to build on existing measure to protect Rhyl from wave overtopping.

11 Oct 2018

Leeds Council highlights importance of river stewardship Locked

Ecology Briefing: Leeds City Council works to maintain river channels in a bid to reduce flood risk and control the spread of invasive species.

5 Oct 2018

Nature-based solutions deployed in Norfolk Locked

Flood Briefing: Five flood management schemes have been planned along five rivers to protect properties and boost biodiversity.

4 Oct 2018

Beavers used to trial natural flood management technique Locked

Flood Briefing: Forestry Commission project will see the release of up to eight beavers in Cropton Forest as part of a natural flood management trial.

4 Oct 2018

Glazert river restoration seeks to reduce flood risk

Ecology Briefing: Improvements to Glazert Water seek to reduce flood risk and boost biodiversity.

28 Sep 2018

Drought threat persists, says national group Locked

Flood Briefing: The National Drought Group warns that a drier than average winter could result in water restrictions for customers.

27 Sep 2018

SuDS tree pits provide Dutch drainage solution

Flood Briefing: GreenBlue Urban is using the tree pits to manage rainflow without incurring major costs on a test site in Middelburg, Zeeland.

20 Sep 2018

Earby flood alleviation scheme delayed

Flood Briefing: Lancashire flood scheme suffers a setback with obstruction delaying progress.

20 Sep 2018

Inland mobility is key for coastal wetland survival, finds study Locked

Flood Briefing: Up to 30% of these habitats could be lost by 2100 and flooding could worsen if measures aren’t taken, warns the University of Lincoln-led research.

20 Sep 2018

SEPA launches new coastal flood warning scheme

Flood Briefing: Over 2,500 properties incorporated in SEPA’s flood warning service as its geographical range is extended.

20 Sep 2018

Welsh Water consortium aims to improve waterways Locked

Ecology Briefing: Welsh Water teams with 29 environmental NGOs to create shared principles in a bid to improve the quality of waterways and the wider environment.

14 Sep 2018

Peatland restoration could mitigate North East flooding

Flood Briefing: The £2.1m natural flood management project has begun with peatland restoration in Weardale, County Durham.

14 Sep 2018

Consultation investigates SEA for revised flood risk strategy Locked

Flood Briefing: Consultation launched to help inform development of SEA for new FCERM.

14 Sep 2018

University salt marsh research aims to increase coastal resilience Locked

Flood Briefing: University research aims to identify what causes resilience to storms and rising sea levels in certain salt marshes.

14 Sep 2018

£1.5m Haltwhistle flood reduction scheme underway

Flood Briefing: Final preparations commence for major Northumberland flood scheme.

14 Sep 2018

JBA uses distressed boulders in Runswick Bay flood scheme

Ecology Briefing: Consultancy utilises innovative design techniques to improve ecological impacts of coastal erosion prevention scheme.

7 Sep 2018

Northumberland flood storage scheme resumes

Flood Briefing: The flood reduction project in Ovingham involves installing an underground storage tank and a landscaped area for sustainable drainage.

7 Sep 2018

£6.5m Dundee scheme completed Locked

Flood Briefing: Balfour Beatty’s flood protection scheme should reduce flood risk in the new £1bn Dundee Waterfront area.

7 Sep 2018

EA tenders £220m marine and coastal works framework Locked

Flood Briefing: EA seeks suppliers for programme of capital investment and improvement works for flood defence assets.

7 Sep 2018

Plans put forward for £42m Hull flood scheme

Flood Briefing: Planning permission sought for Hull Humber frontage improvement scheme.

7 Sep 2018

Leeds flood defence wall and barriers completed

Flood Briefing: A 730m flood defence wall Stourton and demountable barriers should protect 88 businesses in the area.

7 Sep 2018

Government review says planning policy successful in encouraging SuDS uptake Locked

Flood Briefing: Almost 90% of approved planning applications feature SuDS, according to recent government review.

7 Sep 2018

Scotland’s annual environmental, housing and infrastructure plans released Locked

Ecology Briefing: Scottish Programme for Government reveals £2m biodiversity fund, a seabird conservation strategy, £756m available to increase supply of affordable homes and £600m investment in water infrastructure.