7 Dec 2018

EA’s 2018 flood action campaign targets young homeowners

Flood Briefing: The Environment Agency campaign seeks to prepare tenants and homeowners for varying levels of flood risk.

30 Nov 2018

Climate projections needed for decision making and resilience

Flood Briefing: UK’s latest climate change projections (UKCP18) should be used to guide decision making and boost resilience, government says.

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30 Nov 2018

EA launches flood risk permitting consultation Locked

Flood Briefing: Flood risk permitting consultation gathers feedback on proposed additional rules.

1 Nov 2018

Stormwater management must be part of planning, says Sweco Locked

Flood Briefing: The sustainable management of stormwater must be introduced early in the planning process, says the engineering consultancy.

19 Oct 2018

Surface water flooding biggest threat and interested in you Locked

Flood Briefing: Of all the flooding threats, surface water flooding is the biggest, says James Bevan, the Environment Agency’s chief executive.

20 Sep 2018

Inland mobility is key for coastal wetland survival, finds study Locked

Flood Briefing: Up to 30% of these habitats could be lost by 2100 and flooding could worsen if measures aren’t taken, warns the University of Lincoln-led research.

14 Sep 2018

Consultation investigates SEA for revised flood risk strategy Locked

Flood Briefing: Consultation launched to help inform development of SEA for new FCERM.

7 Sep 2018

Leeds flood defence wall and barriers completed

Flood Briefing: A 730m flood defence wall Stourton and demountable barriers should protect 88 businesses in the area.

7 Sep 2018

Government review says planning policy successful in encouraging SuDS uptake Locked

Flood Briefing: Almost 90% of approved planning applications feature SuDS, according to recent government review.

7 Sep 2018

Scotland’s annual environmental, housing and infrastructure plans released Locked

Ecology Briefing: Scottish Programme for Government reveals £2m biodiversity fund, a seabird conservation strategy, £756m available to increase supply of affordable homes and £600m investment in water infrastructure.

23 Aug 2018

Coastal flooding costs Europe €1.25bn, finds study Locked

9 Aug 2018

EA seeks collaborative flooding approach Locked

Flood Briefing: The Environment Agency is collaborating with more than 150 people from 90 organisations to improve UK flood prevention.   

9 Aug 2018

EA commits to £9m floodplain restoration

Ecology Briefing: EA commits to Lower Otter restoration project enabling initial works to commence.

26 Jul 2018

Infrastructure resilence high in national adaptation programme Locked

Flood Briefing: Flooding and habitat restoration are also prioritised in second national adaptation programme.

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26 Jul 2018

Government's Surface Water Action Plan stresses resilience Locked

Flood Briefing: The plan also aims to clarify surface water risks and responsibilities and improve risk management.

20 Jul 2018

South England marine plan adopted

Flood Briefing: MMO marine plan will set the agenda for development and environmental protection between Kent and Devon.

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13 Jul 2018

NIA says UK must prepare for droughts and flooding Locked

Flood Briefing: The National Infrastructure Assessment calls on the government to appropriately prepare for droughts and flooding.

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13 Jul 2018

Soil event highlights need for better management

Brownfield Briefing: The degradation of soils from intensive agriculture worried UK environment and agriculture leaders at the Westcountry Rivers Trust-organised event in Devon.

12 Jul 2018

River Pinn and Cannon Brook flood reduction consultation concludes

Flood Briefing: A consultation examining proposed options for flood reduction measures in the River Pinn catchment has concluded.

28 Jun 2018

EA consultation explores flood prevention for north Reading Locked

Flood Briefing: EA consults on flood defence suggestions for north Reading and Lower Caversham.

20 Jun 2018

Otley residents to hear flood prevention shortlist Locked

Flood Briefing: Walls, embankments, and nature-based solutions are among the measures suggested for the Yorkshire area.

19 Jun 2018

Major Swindon schemes refused again Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The proposed 2,600-home and 200-home developments were originally dismissed due to noise, flooding, and drainage concerns. 

31 May 2018

EA outlines next steps for £120m Oxford flood scheme

Flood Briefing: Policy paper outlines the next step for £120m Oxford flood scheme.

17 May 2018

London to be 50% greener by 2050? Locked

Ecology Briefing: The London Environmental Strategy seeks to make the capital cleaner, more energy-efficient, biodiverse, and flood resistant. 

16 May 2018

Hull plans £42m tidal flood scheme

Flood Briefing: The proposed project could protect more than 113,000 properties from flooding.

10 May 2018

One third of homes at flood risk by 2050, claims report

Flood Briefing: RIBA has called on the Government to make homes more flood-resilient.

10 May 2018

EA consults on plans to slow the flow of the Ouse and Foss Locked

Flood Briefing: Consultation launched for the project which aims to reduce long term climate change impacts on the city of York.

3 May 2018

SEPA launches consultation to pinpoint vulnerable areas Locked

Flood Briefing: The national consultation will focus on designating areas that are vulnerable to flooding.

27 Apr 2018

EA considers reed bed habitat in Cornwall Locked

Ecology Briefing: Due to financial constraints, the nature-based solution has been proposed as the most suitable solution to reduce flood risk by the River Tamar in Calstock.

26 Apr 2018

NIC calls for action to prevent England’s taps running dry Locked

Flood Briefing: National Infrastructure Commission publishes a stark evaluation on England’s water infrastructure needs.

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