12 Apr 2019

GeoSmart wins groundwater flooding forecast contract Locked

Flood Briefing: Data from new boreholes along with forecast hydrographs form part of the service.

11 Apr 2019

Yorkshire sewers checked to curb flooding Locked

Flood Briefing: Sewer blockages cost the region £2.4m last year, says Yorkshire Water.

4 Apr 2019

City planning must balance liveability with climate change, finds research Locked

Flood Briefing: Recent research led by Newcastle University suggests that urban planning made need to evolve in order to counter climate change risks.

3 Apr 2019

JBA wins place on Agency’s NGSA framework Locked

Flood Briefing: Company set to deliver its South East of England flood and coastal erosion risk management capital programme up to 2023.

Europe, UK
21 Mar 2019

Dutch coastal defence scheme opens in Somerset Locked

Flood Briefing: A system consisting of champagne cork-shaped concrete blocks reduces the impact of waves on the Stolford shoreline.

21 Mar 2019

Beavers tackle flooding in Essex village Locked

Ecology Briefing: The Environment Agency is set to monitor the scheme which hopes to reduce flood risk for the village of Finchingfield.

8 Mar 2019

North Tyneside SuDS scheme begins Locked

Flood Briefing: Northumbrian Water is aiming to reduce flood risk by using SuDS to alleviate pressure on sewers.

7 Mar 2019

Work begins on £1.4m Plymstock flood scheme Locked

Flood Briefing: South West Water increases the capacity of the sewers and improves the surface water system.

28 Feb 2019

EA working on enhanced surface water flood mapping Locked

Flood Briefing: Validating national level surface flood mapping against local data has been used to refine modelling of flood risk in work commissioned by the Environment Agency.

1 Feb 2019

£2.6m NFM works could influence future projects Locked

Flood Briefing: The project will see the National Trust and Yorkshire Water collaborate to reduce flood risk through the use of multiple NFM techniques.

31 Jan 2019

Flood uncertainty research seeks to improve warning systems Locked

Flood Briefing: HR Wallingford’s research aims to manage the uncertainty in flood forecasting by helping practitioners identify the most important uncertainty methods.

13 Jan 2019

EA uses Christmas trees to manage water flow Locked

Flood Briefing: The Environment Agency has used discarded Christmas trees to reduce flooding and erosion in Cumbria.

Europe, UK
13 Jan 2019

LEP helps back £2.6m natural flood management project Locked

Ecology Briefing: LEP reveals backing for flood management project three years on from the devastating 2015 Boxing Day floods.

1 Nov 2018

Repairs imminent for Fairbourne sea defence works Locked

Flood Briefing: Approximately 18 weeks of flood defence work are set to begin in Fairbourne.

19 Oct 2018

BGS’ ground monitoring system targets flood asset protection Locked

Flood Briefing: An innovative system designed by the British Geological Society seeks to help protect flood assets from deterioration.

11 Oct 2018

Social media tapped for real-time flood data Locked

Flood Briefing: Research that demonstrates how social media can improve real-time flood modelling has won the Journal of Flood Risk Management Outstanding Paper Award.

11 Oct 2018

Leeds Council highlights importance of river stewardship Locked

Ecology Briefing: Leeds City Council works to maintain river channels in a bid to reduce flood risk and control the spread of invasive species.

14 Sep 2018

Peatland restoration could mitigate North East flooding Locked

Flood Briefing: The £2.1m natural flood management project has begun with peatland restoration in Weardale, County Durham.

14 Sep 2018

£1.5m Haltwhistle flood reduction scheme underway Locked

Flood Briefing: Final preparations commence for major Northumberland flood scheme.

7 Sep 2018

Northumberland flood storage scheme resumes Locked

Flood Briefing: The flood reduction project in Ovingham involves installing an underground storage tank and a landscaped area for sustainable drainage.

23 Aug 2018

Climate change has impacted UK flood risk, according to latest research Locked

Flood Briefing: Flood modelling research finds climate change may have increased UK flood risk.

21 Aug 2018

Real-time flood forecasting tool launched Locked

Flood Briefing: Real-time flood forecasting tool has been launched in the City of Parramatta, Australia.

21 Aug 2018

Adler and Allan launches flood mapping technology Locked

Flood Briefing: Environmental services firm Adler & Allan launches new flood mapping technology.

2 Aug 2018

Models could underestimate flash flood risk, says Ambiental Locked

Flood Briefing: Some flood maps may not pick up on the fact that the recent dry conditions have turned permeable surfaces into impermeable surfaces.

20 Jul 2018

Southern Water trails StormHarvester system Locked

Flood Briefing: Water utility trials artificial intelligence system to help reduce wastewater system overflows.

20 Jul 2018

Yorkshire Dales to get Natural Flood Management scheme Locked

Flood Briefing: Scheme looks to NFM techniques to reduce flood events and improve the environment.

Europe, UK
20 Jul 2018

Ure river and floodplain restoration investigated Locked

Ecology Briefing: Techniques for tackling the restoration of the river Ure and its floodplain in Yorkshire have been investigated by consultancy JBA.

18 Jul 2018

Early flood warning system set up for York Locked

Flood Briefing: A channel with an ultrasonic sensor for flow readings is being built under the A59 between York and Harrogate.

12 Jul 2018

York flood warning channel being built Locked

Flood Briefing: The concrete channel will be used to gauge flow rates in the River Nidd, according to the Environment Agency.

12 Jul 2018

UK not experiencing hydrological drought, finds Envireau Water Locked

Flood Briefing: Groundwater reserves are preventing the UK from entering a hydrological drought, according to a recent bulletin produced by Envireau Water.