18 Apr 2019

EA completes outline design of Thames flood defence scheme Locked

Flood Briefing: It is set to reduce flood risk to 15,000 homes and 2,400 businesses in communities along the Thames.

18 Apr 2019

Dawlish sea wall receives approval Locked

Flood Briefing: Teignbridge Council has given the green light for Network Rail’s construction in Devon.

12 Apr 2019

Culvert and package solution for Chesham Locked

Flood Briefing: Options could include a combination of flood-resistant doors and ventilation covers, pumping systems, flood gates, and raising internal electrics above flood levels

12 Apr 2019

Church bells restored for flood warning Locked

Flood Briefing: The Cockwood and Starcross scheme takes into account the impacts of climate change and rising sea levels until 2050.

11 Apr 2019

Flood Alert Wales app abandoned Locked

Flood Briefing: National Resources Wales has found that few people use the service.

4 Apr 2019

£35m flood investment to benefit Isle of Axholme Locked

Flood Briefing: The project will protect over 15,000 homes and a large area of agricultural land.

4 Apr 2019

Salford to become green infrastructure test bed Locked

Ecology Briefing: An EU-funded effort is under way in Greater Manchester to explore ways green infrastructure can mitigate urban climate change impacts.

4 Apr 2019

HR Wallingford to deliver more detailed Irish flood data Locked

Flood Briefing: The company will provide the next generation of river flood spatial data.

28 Mar 2019

Hull flood risk website launched Locked

Flood Briefing: The site outlines how residents can prevent flooding.

28 Mar 2019

Welsh Water to begin £2.5m wastewater project Locked

Flood Briefing: The wastewater system upgrade in Nant Talwg in Barry will be monitored by an ecologist to guard against damage to the local environment.

28 Mar 2019

£9.5m Marlow flood scheme progresses Locked

Flood Briefing: The scheme is set to deliver ecological benefits as well as reducing flood risk for over 250 homes.

28 Mar 2019

£45m Shoreham flood defences open Locked

Flood Briefing: More than 7km of river and sea defences have opened in the West Sussex town, according to the Environment Agency.

28 Mar 2019

NRW recycle felled trees to reduce flood risk Locked

Ecology Briefing: The trees will be used to tactically divert excess water from the Merin River during periods of heavy rain.

21 Mar 2019

Welsh government unveils £6.1m flood scheme Locked

Flood Briefing: A wetland area was created as part of the scheme, reducing its visual impact and enhancing local habitat.

21 Mar 2019

Floating islands boost biodiversity for Tyneside flood project Locked

Ecology Briefing: The islands aim to improve water quality and create habitats for a variety of species.

21 Mar 2019

Rural SuDS to clean-up Staffordshire watercourses Locked

Ecology Briefing: It is hoped rural SuDS techniques will help reduce pollution while also creating wetland habitat.

18 Mar 2019

Severn Trent receives drought permit Locked

Flood Briefing: The EA has given the water company permission to abstract more water until 31 March.

8 Mar 2019

Horses help drive Yorkshire flood solutions Locked

Flood Briefing: A range of natural flood management techniques are being installed in Harden Moor.

1 Mar 2019

Anglian Water spends £15m on drought defence Locked

Flood Briefing: The project forms part of Anglian Water’s plan to invest millions in increasing the resilience of its network across the East of England.

28 Feb 2019

Groundwater flood warning service launched for Dorset and Wiltshire Locked

Flood Briefing: The EA has implored people in Dorset, Salisbury Plain, and Wiltshire South Downs to sign up for alerts and checks for groundwater flood risk.

22 Feb 2019

Calderdale flood scheme conserves historic environment Locked

Flood Briefing: Local heritage and aesthetics impacts material selection for Calderdale flood scheme.

14 Feb 2019

Ipswich flood scheme creates development opportunities Locked

Flood Briefing: The scheme seeks to protect the town from tidal flood risk and the impacts of climate change over the course of the next century.

14 Feb 2019

£1m Lancashire flood scheme to resume Locked

Flood Briefing: The culvert repair scheme in Earby could protect 91 homes and 17 businesses from flooding.

14 Feb 2019

Timed tree felling for flood protection Locked

Flood Briefing: The Scottish Borders Council has delayed the removal of trees as part of the scheme's development.

14 Feb 2019

Woodland scheme aims to reduce flood risk Locked

Flood Briefing: The Woodlands for Water project should help mitigate the effects of flooding in the North East and Yorkshire.

8 Feb 2019

Government backs extreme weather research in Asia Locked

Flood Briefing: Over £1m to be spent on three projects investigating extreme weather impacts in Southeast Asia.

6 Feb 2019

Urban disaster risk hub seeks to safeguard cities Locked

Flood Briefing: The £20m international project aims to strengthen multi-hazard risk assessment globally including flooding.

1 Feb 2019

EA to invest £200m in flood asset maintenance Locked

Flood Briefing: It includes the Branston Island flood reservoir which has undergone £300,000 worth of refurbishment.

27 Jan 2019

EA unveils phase two of Burton flood works Locked

Flood Briefing: Plans to protect the town build on previous works undertaken over a decade ago.

13 Jan 2019

£1.6m flood project begins in Beaumaris Locked

Flood Briefing: Construction on the scheme is set to run until June and will protect properties previously devastated in the town.

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