21 Mar 2019

Geosmart stresses benefits of SuDS to developers Locked

Flood Briefing: SuDS can help speed up the approval process for developers and save capital costs, says Geosmart.

21 Mar 2019

Rural SuDS to clean-up Staffordshire watercourses Locked

Ecology Briefing: It is hoped rural SuDS techniques will help reduce pollution while also creating wetland habitat.

7 Mar 2019

SuDS exemplar project delivered in Peterborough Locked

Flood Briefing: Creative sustainable drainage solutions in Peterborough have saved up to £1m in costs, says environmental non-profit group GreenBlue.

31 Jan 2019

Susdrain promotes SuDS benefits Locked

Flood Briefing: Reduced capital costs and faster planning approval are among the benefits showcased in its infographic.

21 Jan 2019

SuDS lacking national-level standards, finds report Locked

Flood Briefing: Report reveals no formal SuDS policies in place and national level guidance is inhibiting success of SuDS.

13 Jan 2019

Welsh SuDS regulations introduced Locked

Flood Briefing: The Regulations for Sustainable Drainage Systems for new property developments came into force on 7 January.

Europe, UK
22 Nov 2018

SuDS to become mandatory for Welsh developments Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Sustainable drainage systems must be incorporated into new property developments following the introduction of Government regulations.

25 Oct 2018

SuDS roll-out begins for East Anglian schools Locked

Flood Briefing: Anglian Water looks to implement SuDS schemes for schools across East Anglia.

19 Oct 2018

SuDS data sharing views sought by Water UK Locked

Flood Briefing: It believes it is important to create a complete record of SuDS assets as the industry expands.

27 Sep 2018

SuDS tree pits provide Dutch drainage solution Locked

Flood Briefing: GreenBlue Urban is using the tree pits to manage rainflow without incurring major costs on a test site in Middelburg, Zeeland.

10 Aug 2018

Drought and flood events will cost the water industry (and the taxpayer) Locked

Flood Briefing: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers makes recommendations for improving resilience of the UK to drought and flood events.

Europe, UK
20 Jun 2018

Tenders invited for London playground SuDS scheme Locked

Flood Briefing: The Government seeks tenders to redevelop a west London playground and implement sustainable drainage features.

7 Jun 2018

SuDs drowning risk in planning objection Locked

Flood Briefing: SuDs proposed as part of housing development could have posed a drowning risk claims resident.

17 May 2018

London to be 50% greener by 2050? Locked

Ecology Briefing: The London Environmental Strategy seeks to make the capital cleaner, more energy-efficient, biodiverse, and flood resistant. 

29 Mar 2018

Partnership working key to flood protection in North England Locked

Flood Briefing: Northumbrian Water’s CEO Heidi Mottram used her 15 minute speech at Flood & Coast Telford to advocate the benefits of partnership working to deliver SuDS.

Europe, UK
16 Feb 2018

Welsh Government wants all new development to have effective SuDS Locked

Flood Briefing: Welsh environment minister Hannah Blythyn said this week that the Welsh Government wants all new developments to incorporate effective sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

12 Jan 2018

Government commits to reducing flood risk in 25 YEP Locked

Flood Briefing: SuDS, natural flood management solutions and property-level flood protection all feature in Theresa May's 25 Year Environment Plan.

Europe, UK
1 Dec 2017

ADA chair: lack of SuDS strategy a threat to flood risk management Locked

Flood Briefing: The government’s lack of a long-term strategy on SuDS is one of the three main threats to effective water level and flood risk management, according to the chairman of the ADA.

1 Dec 2017

Water companies should work in partnership to implement SuDS Locked

Flood Briefing: Water companies should make more use of SuDS to keep rainwater out of the sewer network, a report published by the Consumer Council for Water has recommended.

1 Dec 2017

Welsh government consults on implementation of SuDS Locked

Flood Briefing: The Welsh government is consulting on the draft statutory instruments and national standards which provide the detail of how the approval process for SuDS will work.

16 Nov 2017

Anglian Water proposes developer charges to encourage water efficiency Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Anglian Water is to offer a discount on infrastructure charges to developers who include water use reduction methods such as rainwater harvesting and water efficient showers in their homes.

15 Nov 2017

CIWEM publishes new SuDS modelling guidance Locked

Flood Briefing: CIWEM Urban Drainage Group has published a new code of practice for the hydraulic modelling of urban drainage systems.

1 Nov 2017

New CIRIA guide shows SuDS are “different but not difficult” Locked

Flood Briefing: SuDS are “different but not difficult,” according to a new CIRIA guidance published today.

1 Nov 2017

COMMENT: Using SuDS to control highway pollution Locked

Flood Briefing: Jo Bradley, market development manager, SDS Limited, the best technologies need to be applied to help reduce pollution from streets and highways.

18 Oct 2017

EFRA committee “concerned” about government reluctance to address Schedule 3 Locked

Flood Briefing: The chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, Neil Parish, has written to Michael Gove expressing concern about the government’s “reluctance” to address the stress on the wastewater system caused by the right of new developments to connect to sewers.

18 Oct 2017

SuDS should be mandatory part of plans to reduce river sewage Locked

Ecology Briefing: The UK and Welsh governments must make SuDS mandatory in new developments as part of intensified efforts to clean up the 40% of rivers polluted by sewage, according to a new report.

29 Sep 2017

SuDS should be integrated into development to realise benefits Locked

Flood Briefing: Sustainable drainage schemes must be fully integrated into sites rather than placed on the periphery if their full benefits are to be realised, Robert Bray has told an audience of surface water management experts.

28 Sep 2017

Welsh consultation shows “widespread support” for Schedule 3 Locked

Flood Briefing: The Welsh government has received “widespread support” for its proposed implementatIon of Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act, according to one of its policy advisors.

19 Jul 2017

Better communication needed to realise multiple benefits of urban streams Locked

Ecology Briefing: It is essential to improve the way water-related issues are communicated to non-technical people if the multiple benefits of urban rivers and streams are to be realised, an independent environmental consultant has said.

12 Jul 2017

Business case for SuDS "very strong" Locked

Flood Briefing: Not only is the business case for SuDS and green infrastructure “very strong,” but the costs of operating and maintaining them are usually less than for conventional drainage schemes.