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Environment Analyst Development + Infrastructure publishes a range of insight reports available exclusively for subscribers. These one off reports provide analysis, information and insights on specific issues or hot topics in the market.

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2050 – A Smart City Odyssey

In 2050, the skyline is unlikely to be filled with flying
taxis but in 31 years’ time our cities will be different.
They might not look that unusual compared to
the cities of today, but the way they function will be.
So, in which areas will we see significant changes?

Published: May 2019

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Accelerating the UK Market for Waste & Recycling

The ban by China (and other potential end-markets)
together with growing public awareness provide a strong argument for
government and industry to examine the performance of plastic waste
recycling in the UK, while Defra’s Resources & Waste Strategy should
also provide impetus for change.

Published: Jan 2019

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The Highways Industry

Environment Analyst investigates the huge opportunities and
complexity of challenges involved in environmental management
within the highways sector, and how the government's road investment
strategy and changes to Highways England's procurement model
are impacting.

Published: November 2018
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North Sea Decommissioning

Environment Analyst looks at the opportunities and challenges facing
operators and their consultants tasked with planning and removing
the UK’s ageing North Sea oil & gas assets – how activity is ramping up,
the size of budgets at stake and what complex environmental impacts must
be considered.

Published: September 2018

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