24 Apr 2019

Ramboll authors BEIS report on alternative urban heating solutions Locked

The lowest net present cost (NPC) for the solutions modelled is offered by hybrid heat pumps (with gas cooking).

Europe, UK
20 Sep 2018

Insight Report: Decommission impossible? Locked

UK environmental consultants are winning more work associated with the legacy of North Sea oil and gas infrastructure. As offshore decommissioning activity ramps up, and with huge budgets at stake, we look at how environmental management approaches are evolving.

Europe, UK
1 Jun 2018

D&I perspectives – how digital technologies can change the face of EIA Locked

Matt Davies, UK Managing Principal at Ramboll Environment & Health, provides his perspectives on how digital technology is changing the way we assess the environmental impact of construction projects.

Europe, UK
18 Jan 2018

Brexit checks UK environmental consulting market growth Locked

Strong demand across multiple client sectors fuels another solid performance from the UK EC Top 30, although slowdown evident on Brexit worries finds EA’s latest market report

Europe, UK
6 Jul 2017

Ramboll helps Thameslink project win CEEQUAL excellent award Locked

The Bermondsey Dive Under rail development – a joint project between Network Rail, construction and development firm Skanska and engineering and environmental consultancy Ramboll – has been awarded a CEEQUAL excellent award of 96.6%, having increased biodiversity in the area by 113%.

Europe, UK