George Eustice is new environment secretary Locked

The appointment generally well received by the farming community, but less well by environmentalists.


Storm Ciara shows limits of engineering Locked

With winter rainfall worsening and sea levels rising, it’s clear that a patch and repair approach to flooding isn’t enough. More systematic and preventive strategies are urgently needed.


Mine-water heated scheme to proceed at garden village Locked

The Coal Authority estimates there could be enough energy in the UK’s flooded, abandoned mines to heat all the homes on the coalfields.


HS2 go-ahead: proponents and detractors argue it out Locked

The go-ahead for High Speed 2 (HS2) on Tuesday reminds of the John Lydgate saying: “You can’t please all of the people, all of the time.” Here we look at the pros and cons.


Expert opinion: Why are wetlands vital for people and biodiversity? Locked

To mark World Wetlands Day, Claire Wansbury, associate director of ecology at Atkins discusses the benefits of protecting and enhancing our wetlands


Many firms unprepared for carbon reporting changes, warns Ecometrica

Many of the 8,000 businesses facing SECR compliance this year remain ill-prepared, warns Ecometrica


EIC pushes for ‘environmental net gain’ Locked

White paper calls for development projects to deliver broader and more holistic 'environmental net gain', building on the biodiversity net gain principal.


Fracking is still allowed under moratorium, Kwarteng confirms Locked

If less than 1000m³ of water is injected during every fracturing stage, or less than 10000m³ during the entire process - then the activity is not considered hydraulic fracturing.


East West Rail highlights HS2’s failings, says RSPB Locked

Oxford to Cambridge rail line applauded for biodiversity net gain pledge, and highlights HS2’s “failings”


Compensation key to future of UK offshore wind Locked

Compliance has become increasingly difficult as the UK plans a tripling of installed capacity from 9.5 gigawatts to 30GW by 2030.


New features in Environment Bill Locked

A report every two years which will work alongside a requirement for current and future Ministers to make a statement to Parliament identifying environmental impacts of all new environmental primary legislation.


Climate change ‘at heart of’ RTPI strategy Locked

The chair says underpinning the whole plan is an urgent need to address the climate crisis with planners “at the vanguard” addressing it.


Developers and planners urged to focus on beauty Locked

Two reports call for the planning system to fast track well-designed buildings. They show that high-density urban schemes, favouring people over cars, are back in fashion.


Water directive ‘fit for purpose’ concludes EU Locked

Report says it has been successful in terms of a governance framework, however no substantial progress in water bodies’ overall status has been made between the first and the second river basin management cycles.

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Fishlake floods leave pollution legacy for Yorkshire farmers Locked

Dispute is over alleged kerosene contamination from the floodwaters, the environmental impact of the flooding and what will be needed to put the damage right.


Essex development blocked, despite inspector’s mistakes Locked

Case focused on misinterpretation of Natural England's advice on the potential adverse effect of the development on a conservation area.


Atkins calls for 'net zero champion' or department in government Locked

Atkins' report also calls for energy sea change to achieve net zero target


UK land use emissions could be cut by two thirds Locked

Large increase in tree planting, low carbon farming and restoration of of peatlands are some of the measures recommended by the Committee on Climate Change.


Planning slow to respond to growing flood risk Locked

Global warming will make flooding an important element in UK planning for the foreseeable future. But policy makers have yet to catch up.


Blows traded as HS2 decision approaches

HS2 says a Wildlife Trust report into loss of sites and species is inaccurate and misleading.


McVey promises ‘turbocharged’ planning Locked

Changes would include a standard method for assessing housing need and reforms to permitted development.


Academics oppose Southampton Airport expansion Locked

They claim that noise levels would be 150% of the maximum allowed under the Aviation Policy Framework and assessments fail to account for cumulative effects of housing expansion.


Faster planning promised in white paper reforms Locked

A statutory new homes ombudsman, restriction of ‘land banking’ and a larger Housing Infrastructure Fund are on the menu for the next Parliamentary session, which will bring a planning white paper.


Braintree extension quashed due to flood fears Locked

The 4ha brownfield site is a capped former landfill whose ground level had been raised by about 1m. Part of the site lies on floodplain.


Johnson pledges infrastructure funding for Eastleigh Locked

Boris Johnson accused the Liberal Democrat council of “cavalier” behaviour but said, "we will of course supply the infrastructure necessary and do it on brownfield sites.”


Ox-Cam Expressway ‘on ice’ as petition launched Locked

It says any route in the proposed corridor will damage our countryside and health while doing nothing to meet the pressing transport needs of Oxfordshire.


SNH values natural capital of its land at £683m Locked

The results have been split into public and private, costs and benefits.


Work underway on Communities and FCERM R&D Framework Locked

The primary aim of the project is to identify the main research gaps in the area of FCERM.


LUC becomes employee owned Locked

Employees will now be involved in key company decisions and have an equal share of LUC’s profits.


‘Huge challenge’ for developers to deliver greener homes Locked

Only 12% in an HBF survey thought the focus should be on cutting emissions from homes in the Government's net zero emissions target.