9 Aug 2019

Shortlist announced for Brownfield Briefing Awards 2019 Locked

The shortlist for the 2019 Brownfield Briefing Awards has been announced and is as follows:

2 Aug 2019

Poor reporting of contaminated land of ‘public health concern’ Locked

Calls to re-assess sites in the light of new scientific advances, but staff cuts mitigate against it.

25 Jul 2019

PHE Grenfell survey ‘at odds’ with Prof Stec’s findings Locked

PHE says at the moment there is nothing to suggest anyone needs to take any immediate action or that we need to change the investigation strategy but Prof Stec's report says toxicants from fire effluent could pose "serious, long-term implications for the health of emergency responders, clean-up workers and local residents".

25 Jul 2019

Del Monte says ‘yes’ to phytoremediation Locked

Golder, was selected by Del Monte Fresh Produce (Hawaii) Inc. to find an alternative remediation method to shipping and incineration, with a smaller carbon footprint.

25 Jul 2019

Invasive plant and animal species named in consultation Locked

Under EU law, management measures must be put in place for widespread invasive alien species.

25 Jul 2019

Sellafield clean-up partnership gains extension Locked

The partnership employs up to 800 people a day. It has delivered £385m worth of project work and recorded 4.5m hours.

19 Jul 2019

Warning from rat exposure to heavy metals Locked

Wild rats in mining areas absorb heavy metals from contaminated soil, according to Japanese research, possibly inducing heritable effects.

19 Jul 2019

Plant-based remediation jeopardised by sea level rise? Locked

Research published by Tsinghua University has found that phytoremediation is an effective remediation technique for contaminated land.

11 Jul 2019

Campaigners claim that Southall Waterside is ‘damaging their health’ Locked

PHE recommends mitigating release of airborne chemicals at source and Berkeley says any legal challenge will be vigorously opposed.

4 Jul 2019

Biopolymers could replace cement to stabilise soils Locked

They are stable, carbon neutral and renewable and can stabilise collapsible soils.

4 Jul 2019

New hotline open for forensic whistleblowers Locked

The service would provide a route for those lacking the confidence to report issues directly to their own organisation.

28 Jun 2019

Enitial adds new product to gas monitoring market Locked

The solar powered, continuous gas monitoring system is suitable for permanent deployment and requires no operator involvement.

28 Jun 2019

Lack of remediation jeopardising Blackburn development Locked

Planning given for over a thousand homes but remediation not happening.

27 Jun 2019

Derbyshire council re-considers mineworks site in Somercotes Locked

A judicial review will determine the issue of whether it was necessary for the council to consider further site investigations before granting outline planning permission.

24 Jun 2019

Review confirmed for schools on a landfill Locked

Scottish Health Secretary acts as parents demand health tests and withdraw children from school as teachers vote for strike action.

13 Jun 2019

Worries grow at N. Lanarkshire schools linked to cancer Locked

Calls for testing and strike action but N. Lanarkshire says doctors and public health specialists found no incidence of cancer linked to the schools.

13 Jun 2019

US EPA boosts brownfield clean-up by $2m Locked

Nearly 150 communities set to benefit from the re-jigged grant system, with 40% receiving support for the first time.

Global, North America
6 Jun 2019

Updated guidance emphasises single remediation strategy Locked

CLR11, the tried and trusted process for contaminated land professionals, is being replaced by updated guidance on contaminated land management.

Europe, UK
6 Jun 2019

Reduction in units not down to contamination, says Magenta Living Locked

Company says houses, not flats are the better option in change of plans.

31 May 2019

Antibiotics three times above safe limit found in Thames Locked

York University study reveals river contamination could be an important contributor to antimicrobial resistance which is regarded by the UN as a global health emergency which could kill 10m people by 2050.

31 May 2019

Cancer link claimed in Scottish school Locked

Council says the water supply met drinking water standards and there is no credible evidence to suggest that any such illness has been caused by environmental factors.

24 May 2019

TerraConsult remediates Grangemouth facility Locked

The consultancy has carried out a site investigation, risk assessment, and remediation of DNAPL on land that will house a waste-to-energy facility.

23 May 2019

Dounreay recycle ‘major step forward’ for decommissioning Locked

Four items weighing 66t have been transported to a specilist waste recycling facility. Normal practice is to cut them up and dispose in low level waste vaults.

23 May 2019

Bentley Systems acquires Keynetix Locked

Keynetix’s cloud-based geotechnical knowledge management system, which can be used to capture the underground environment, will support Bentley’s geotechnical analysis applications, PLAXIS and SoilVision.

23 May 2019

Cognition crucial to demolition of Plymouth clay works Locked

The flagship Homes England project will involve building up to 550 homes and 11.5ha of new and improved woodland to improve the ecology of the site.

23 May 2019

‘Foam soil’ answer to soil erosion problems? Locked

Growing food in discarded mattresses estimated to be ten times faster than conventional soil.

23 May 2019

Hunt is on for new grout for coalfield sites Locked

Pulverised Fuel Ash is becoming hard obtain and expensive because of the phasing out of coal-burning power stations.

16 May 2019

New comprehensive guide to dealing with ground gas Locked

It will look at protection measures which are suitable for sites, supervising installation and verification along with examples of good and bad practice

16 May 2019

Brownfield Sheffield steelworks site is challenging Locked

The 20ha site is a historic infilled valley with highly variable ground conditions.

10 May 2019

‘Non-stick’ water pollution growing in US Locked

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PFAS chemicals are found in the blood of virtually all Americans.