11 Oct 2019

European soil and land use aren’t sustainable, warns EEA Locked

Expanding cities and infrastructure networks and intensive agriculture are compromising these vital resources, says the the European Environment Agency.

30 Aug 2019

Hogweed batteries could provide two-pronged solution Locked

The plant's stems could make useful battery materials while curbing the spread of this invasive species at the same time.

30 Aug 2019

Budget cuts hampering environmental protection, say groups Locked

Twenty organisations have written an open letter outlining the detrimental effect budget cuts will have on the enforcement agencies that oversee public policy.

8 Aug 2019

Sand dune management gets £4m boost Locked

A £4m ‘Dynamic Dunescapes’ project partnership led by Natural England will tackle decline of nine vital but threatened sand dune habitats in England and Wales, providing wider lessons for the UK and elsewhere.

19 Jul 2019

Online tool shows tree planting is good for health Locked

A new online calculator from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology quantifies health savings from tree planting.

19 Jul 2019

Wildfires increase local extinction risks, say researchers Locked

Ecosystems may never return to a functioning state following wildfires, warn scientists.

12 Jul 2019

Council overcomes butterfly habitat concerns to approve Bolsover development Locked

Derbyshire County Council says there will be no net loss of biodiversity and asked the developers to manage the open space for an additional 20 years.

28 Jun 2019

Ammonia pollution ‘biggest threat to biodiversity’ Locked

Levels of other air pollutants have gone down in the UK but ammonia emissions have risen since 2013.

27 Jun 2019

Noise pollution is damaging bird life, says university Locked

Bird communication is disrupted by noise pollution, say researchers at Queen’s University Belfast.

27 Jun 2019

Biodiversity monitoring turning to audio recording, finds research Locked

Computer-evaluated sound recordings are becoming more effective at tallying animal and bird populations than traditional methods, say German scientists.

27 Jun 2019

Tests to start on best anti-pollution evergreen hedges Locked

Four Manchester schools will be involved in the project which will include citizen science.

21 Jun 2019

Abstraction licensing in Hampshire Avon catchment tightened Locked

Much stricter surface and groundwater abstraction licensing conditions are being enacted in sensitive areas of the Hampshire Avon to ensure sustainable flows and good ecological conditions.

21 Jun 2019

Government reappoints tree champion Locked

England’s Tree Champion Sir William Worsley has been reappointed, charged with driving up tree-planting rates in England, which are currently 71% below target.

13 Jun 2019

Defra launches UK Forest Genetic Resources Strategy Locked

A new strategy coordinating and promoting urgent action on research and conservation of genetic diversity within UK tree species has been launched.

7 Jun 2019

Manchester airport car park causes controversy Locked

Locals oppose the 2,700-space car park on ecological and green space grounds.

26 Apr 2019

One giant leap for UK wildlife Locked

Claire Wansbury, Associate Director of Ecology, at SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins looks at the opportunities provided by biodiversity net gain.

28 Jan 2019

High Court blocks wildlife trusts' challenge to Expressway Locked

Group of wildlife trusts has been denied a Judicial Review of the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway route.

9 Mar 2018

Pine martens could be key to red squirrel protection, finds latest research Locked

The presence of pine martens has a positive effect on red squirrel populations, according to a recent collaborative study.

9 Mar 2018

Newt survey deadlines emphasised Locked

Seasonably restricted great crested newt surveys must get underway in the coming months, according to Delta Simons.

9 Mar 2018

EAC inquiry investigates the ecological impacts of nitrate pollution Locked

Experts reveal the need to target phosphorus and nitrate pollution in tandem in order to protect the UK’s ecosystems.

9 Mar 2018

Biodiversity Metric is savaged in survey Locked

Natural England’s survey on the Defra Biodiversity Metric has revealed that many of its elements are no longer considered appropriate and need to be revised.

28 Feb 2018

Tidal scheme could harm wildlife, says Trust Locked

The proposed Mersey barrage scheme threatens the wellbeing of estuary wildlife, claims the Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

22 Feb 2018

Southern Water trials smart sensors in pipelines Locked

Continuous monitoring smart sensors will be used to track PH, chlorine and detect leaks.

16 Feb 2018

Peterborough Plan shelves damaging development Locked

The City Council’s Local Plan no longer contains a potentially environmentally damaging development at Castor, according to the Wildlife Trust.

26 Jan 2018

Homes rejected on ecology and flooding grounds Locked

A 24-home scheme in Ullesthorpe has been rejected on flooding and ecology and highway grounds.

18 Jan 2018

London’s parks and green spaces face uncertain future Locked

London’s parks and green spaces face an uncertain future due to limited funds according to a London Assembly Environment Committee report.

11 Jan 2018

Northern Forest creation backed by government Locked

The government has kick-started plans to create a new Northern Forest (NF), in collaboration with the Woodland Trust and Community Forest Trust.

18 Dec 2017

NRW delays tree planting scheme Locked

Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh government have decided to delay removing trees on part of a new flood scheme in Cardiff.

8 Dec 2017

Approval for largest woodland planting scheme in 30 years Locked

The Forestry Commission has approved the planting of more than 600,000 trees across Northumberland over the next two years.

16 Nov 2017

JBA to carry out flood protection studies in Aberdeenshire catchments Locked

JBA is to carry out flood protection studies of three catchments in Aberdeenshire on behalf of Dougall Baillie Associates.

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