16 Nov 2018

Far more focus on retrofits needed, says HBF Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The EPC performance of UK newbuilds remains high, but far larger carbon savings could be made by focusing on retrofitting our existing housing stock.

16 Nov 2018

Eight ways to cut district heating network costs Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The capital cost of UK heat networks could be reduced by 30-40% by evolving our approach, according to an Energy Technologies Institute-commissioned report.

16 Nov 2018

Updated EU renewable and energy efficiency targets adopted Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: European Parliament approves updated targets to improve renewable energy consumption and efficiency metrics.

Europe, United Kingdom
9 Nov 2018

Government’s private rental energy measures fall short, says UKGBC

Sustainable Building Briefing: It believes the decision to introduce a cost cap of £3,500 for landlords who must improve the energy efficiency of F and G rated homes means many homes will not be retrofitted.

9 Nov 2018

Government establishes beautiful building commission Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Well designed buildings are far more likely to gain community buy-in, says Communities Secretary James Brokenshire.

2 Nov 2018

Homes England backs SMEs in strategic plan Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The five-year plan seeks to diversify the housing market and encourage modern methods of construction.

1 Nov 2018

Arts organisations receive £11.6m resilience grant

Sustainable Building Briefing: The 36 UK bodies have received funding to build resilience and sustainability into their operations, according to the Arts Council.

1 Nov 2018

Budget criticised for neglecting climate change measures Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Government has received criticism from several quarters for the lack of clean growth policies in the Autumn Budget. Here’s what three of the critics had to say…

26 Oct 2018

Government admits all new builds prone to overheating to some degree

EIA +Planning Briefing: All new builds are prone to overheating to some extent, government admits to EAC.

Europe, United Kingdom
25 Oct 2018

Suggested EPC changes welcomed by UKGBC and Citizens Advice Bureau

Sustainable Building Briefing: Both bodies believe the Call for Evidence for Energy Performance Certificates could improve the accuracy and reliability of EPCs.

19 Oct 2018

UK Government’s climate change response savaged by Labour Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Government has asked the Committee on Climate Change for advice on setting a target date for net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

19 Oct 2018

Deep retrofit of UK homes needed, says report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The UK will not meet 2050 climate targets without upgrading its housing stock, according to an Institution of Engineering and Technology and Nottingham Trent University report.

12 Oct 2018

Lewisham community build receives £1m Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given a south London community group the funding to help it build 33 social rented- and affordable homes.

12 Oct 2018

Driverless vehicles could free up 6,300ha of London land Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The rise of these vehicles could drastically reduce the need for parking space, says Arcadis.

5 Oct 2018

Wellbeing design could provide £15bn boost, claims report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Designing our urban environment with wellbeing in mind has tangible economic benefits, says British Land.

5 Oct 2018

Brent Council moves to protect industrial land Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The Council has tightened planning rules for converting commercial premises into residential accommodation to safeguard industrial space in the Northwest London area.

14 Sep 2018

Timber construction solutions lauded in report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if the UK made better use of timber-based construction and cement manufactured with carbonated waste.

10 Sep 2018

Sturgeon wants electric towns

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Scottish Government will put £16.7m towards the low-carbon transformation of its road network.

10 Sep 2018

Glasgow takes geothermal step Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Glasgow City Council and South Lanarkshire Council have greenlit plans to develop a geothermal research observatory in the east side of the city.

21 Aug 2018

Capacity Market review must prioritise renewables, says REA Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: The Renewable Energy Association has asked the Government to help give renewables and energy storage technologies better access to the market.

9 Aug 2018

Green light for Greater Manchester green vision

EIA +Planning Briefing: Approval given for plans to make Greater Manchester one of the greenest cities in the UK.

27 Jul 2018

Heatwaves: stop funding modular construction and change building regulations, says EAC Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: There will be 7,000 heat-related deaths every year in the UK by 2050 if the Government does not take action, according to an Environmental Audit Committee report.

26 Jul 2018

London aims to become globe’s “most walkable city” Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Walking Action Plan targets prioritising walking in infrastructure schemes, better foot-friendly connectivity, and more pedestrian crossings to inspire 1m more walking trips each day by 2024.

26 Jul 2018

Four fifths of home buyers consider sustainability, claims BLP Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The insurance company has found that most British people value the long-term sustainability performance of new homes.

20 Jul 2018

UK is not prepared for off-site manufacture, finds report

Sustainable Building Briefing: The UK’s construction sector is ill-equipped to meet housing demand, claims a House of Lords report.

18 Jul 2018

Praise and criticism for Scottish 90% GHG target

Sustainable Building Briefing: Lord Deben praises the setting of the new target, while environmental groups are critical.

12 Jul 2018

Existing homes must be equipped for EVs, says Ramboll

Sustainable Building Briefing: It believes the Government must do more to make sure existing homes can accommodate electric vehicle charging points.

5 Jul 2018

UK construction to become 50% quicker? Locked

Brownfield Briefing: The Government has launched a £420m Construction Sector Deal  to promote innovative modern methods of construction and get more homes built faster.

4 Jul 2018

London Mayor publishes solar plan

Sustainable Building Briefing: Sadiq Khan’s solar panel scheme has also been extended after 4,000 people sign up to its first phase.

29 Jun 2018

UK climate policy no longer fit for purpose Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: Committee on Climate Change points to policy reversals and delays which are threatening targets.