23 May 2019

Revamp needed for Scottish construction Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Forty recommendations include heavy emphasis on Modern Methods of Manufacture and training initiatives.

23 May 2019

Labour plans 1.75m solar installations Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The party says it will fit homes with rooftop solar panels to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions.

23 May 2019

Edinburgh aims to be carbon neutral by 2030 Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The City of Edinburgh Council has come up with a three-phased plan to make this happen.

23 May 2019

Expanding BIM to include environmental considerations Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: NIRAS plans to include environmental factors into its Building Information Modelling, to make sure sustainability is considered from the outset.

23 May 2019

Smart meters could make 25% domestic CO2 saving by 2035, finds report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: It will be much harder to meet the UK’s climate change targets without smart meters, says Smart Energy GB.

9 May 2019

UKGBC launches net zero carbon buildings framework Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The framework is a guide for businesses to help them achieve net zero carbon emissions for the whole life of buildings.

9 May 2019

Healthy Homes Act needed, says TCPA Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: New homes should meet ten quality, safety, and placemaking principles, says the Town and Country Planning Association.

3 May 2019

Energy re-use is key to emissions reduction, says Sweco Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Major savings can be made through the smarter use of energy, concludes the company in its Reduce, Re-use, and Re-imagine report.

3 May 2019

Backstop deal could lead to EU ‘back door’ says Green report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: German report says the objectives of the level-playing field clause have been defined in an abstract way which would allow Britain to flout the standards but still export products to the single market.

2 May 2019

World GBC launches air quality campaign Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: More than 90% of the air where we live is unsafe to breathe, claims the World Green Building Council.

2 May 2019

Green building industry has “messaging mountain to climb”, says USGBC Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: People are slow to associate buildings with personal health, according to a US Green Building Council report.

18 Apr 2019

Bristol takes deep sustainability dive Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A consultation has been launched to see how public, private, and non-profit organisations are contributing towards making Bristol a better place.

18 Apr 2019

Sheffield’s first Passivhaus custom build scheme? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A terrace of 10 affordable custom build homes has been granted planning approval in Stocksbridge.

11 Apr 2019

Most planners want a say in housing design Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Almost 90% of professionals surveyed by the RTPI want more of a say in housing design and more than half say they have a limited influence as it stands.

5 Apr 2019

Manchester five-year plan sets course towards climate neutrality and sustainability Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: An extraordinarily wide-ranging five-year environment plan allowing Manchester to start to squeeze carbon out of the economy by 2038 and move towards sustainability has been launched by the mayor.

4 Apr 2019

Misaligned policies and cash shortages threaten impact of landlord energy regulations Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Lack of access to funding, perverse fiscal incentives, loopholes and inadequate enforcement all stand to weaken the impact of MEES in driving up private rented sector energy efficiency.

29 Mar 2019

Scotland consults on lofty energy efficiency targets Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: It is assessing whether bringing forward 2040 targets to 2030 is do-able.

21 Mar 2019

Bold choices required for a fossil fuel free 2050, finds report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A fully decarbonised Europe is feasible by 2050 but robust policies are needed to enable this transition, claims a European Climate Foundation-commissioned report.

21 Mar 2019

HS2 waste heat to warm 500 homes? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Waste heat from the high-speed trains could be used to power central heating in Old Oak Common in North West London.

21 Mar 2019

Spring statement: biodiversity moves welcomed but warnings on funding and climate change Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Philip Hammond’s biodiversity net gain measures were well received but some criticised the Chancellor of the Exchequer for inaction in key areas. Here is how industry responded.

18 Mar 2019

Construction heavyweights call for binding environmental targets Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A group of 23 organisations has called on the Government to set the binding targets in the Environment Bill.

18 Mar 2019

UK is ripe for Proptech leadership, says BPF Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A Government-backed digital real estate forum and additional state investment could help the UK become a global Proptech leader.

28 Feb 2019

Bristol Council looks to build 11 Zed Pods Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: If approved, the low-cost, low-carbon homes would be built over the Chalks Road car park by St George’s Park.

21 Feb 2019

£250m boost to housing and to garden towns Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A new government push on boosting housebuilding rates will help plug housing gaps in several areas, though there is uncertainty over the degree of future-proofing as carbon emissions standards tighten.

21 Feb 2019

Urgent measures needed as homes fail climate challenge Locked

Flood Briefing: Key sustainability and energy efficiency targets are set to be missed in both existing and new build homes unless policy ambition, quality control and enforcement are increased.

15 Feb 2019

Absence of action on zero carbon homes costs consumers £200/yr Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Since 2016, a continuing policy vacuum on achieving zero carbon standards has left new-build homeowners facing higher fuel bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

14 Feb 2019

Large retrofit scheme must be backed to meet climate target, says report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: By supporting an extensive net zero energy home retrofitting scheme, the UK has a far better chance of meeting its climate change targets, says the Green Alliance.

7 Feb 2019

Cheshire East Council backs eco-homes alongside wetland restoration Locked

Ecology Briefing: The small-scale development will incorporate a range of sustainable building measures while also restoring local habitat.

4 Feb 2019

BEIS looks to boost non-domestic participation in smart meter benefits Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A new push from BEIS aims to boost uptake of smart meters in smaller businesses, promote lower energy use, better access to data and smart energy services.

31 Jan 2019

Retirement scheme refused due to solar gain concerns Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Bristol City Council has partly refused a 33-flat redevelopment project in Shirehampton as the South and West-facing properties would have been prone to excessive heat from the sun.