21 Mar 2019

Bristol Council meets carbon target two years early Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The City Council has met its target, to reduce carbon emissions from its direct activities by 65%, two years ahead of schedule.

21 Mar 2019

BREEAM launches pre-approval process Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Portfolio clients can now have multiple projects evaluated up front by BRE Global.

21 Mar 2019

NHS chooses developers for its healthy towns programme

Sustainable Building Briefing: Ten developers have been chosen to pool their expertise with those from other sectors to create healthier places for people.

21 Mar 2019

Future of Real Estate Initiative seeks to predict industry changes

Sustainable Building Briefing: Engineering consultancy Arcadis and The Crown Estate have joined six other organisations at the University of Oxford for proptech research.

18 Mar 2019

Energiesprong seeks UK retrofit partners

Sustainable Building Briefing: The whole house deep retrofit organisation believes there is an emerging market for net zero energy housing in the UK.

18 Mar 2019

Five low-carbon housing schemes will help shape policy, says Government Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: On-site energy generation, heat pump technologies, and passivhaus principles will be built and then assessed to inform the Government’s Building for 2050 research project.

18 Mar 2019

UKGBC outlines business case for implementing climate change measures Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: In its Leading the Way report, the UKGBC has outlined what its Gold Leaf members are doing to become more sustainable and the financial advantages these actions bring.

7 Mar 2019

Arcadis launches City of 2030 accelerator project

EIA +Planning Briefing: The consultancy’s Digital Innovation Hub includes 10 startups that could make our cities smarter.

7 Mar 2019

Smart energy system installed in London development

Sustainable Building Briefing: E.ON’s Future Energy System has been integrated into Berkeley’s Kidbrooke Village scheme in South East London.

7 Mar 2019

European building materials market to hit £95bn Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The industry will grow by a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% a year up to 2024, says Global Market Insights.

7 Mar 2019

Recycled aeroplanes and wood combine in novel building material

Sustainable Building Briefing: US researchers are creating housing materials from heat-treated wood and carbon fibre from recycled Boeing aeroplanes.

1 Mar 2019

Community solar farms could generate £2m for locals Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The surplus profits from solar arrays in Shropshire, Kent, and the Isle of Wight will be redistributed in these communities, says Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) LLP.

28 Feb 2019

Gove eyes post-Brexit cleantech lead for UK Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: UK environmental professionals should aim higher than the EU in setting standards and in building green technology markets after Brexit, says the environment secretary.

22 Feb 2019

Making our homes healthier Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A lot can be done to make our homes healthier without spending a fortune on triple glazing, solar panels, and intelligent dishwashers.

21 Feb 2019

Sheffield district heating project fails Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Sheffield and Manchester pilot district heating projects have been cancelled, representing setbacks in the government’s £320m roll-out strategy.

21 Feb 2019

SynchroniCity to roll out Internet of Things solutions Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The goal of the initiative is to scale IoT-enabled city services and develop them for use in all cities.

21 Feb 2019

Work begins on Passivhaus leisure centre

Sustainable Building Briefing: Exeter City Council’s St Sidwell’s Point facility is part of the £300m city centre vision.

21 Feb 2019

Bristol energy-saving project recognised

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Council has won a Smart Cities UK award for getting households to try energy-saving appliances.

21 Feb 2019

Redrow scheme receives BREEAM certification Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The housebuilder has achieved the Domestic Refurbishment certification for its Barbican Blake Tower redevelopment project in central London.

15 Feb 2019

London Passivhaus scheme wins two awards

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Agar Grove development in Camden has won the Mayor’s Awards for Good Growth and Sustainable and Environmental Planning.

14 Feb 2019

Greenwich Council seeks £320m off-site partner

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Council wants a single housing provider to deliver off-site homes in the London Borough for up to the next 13 years.

7 Feb 2019

Weston opens advanced off-site housing factory Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Braintree Logistics Centre applies automotive industry-style logistics to assemble housing components and send them to development sites.

7 Feb 2019

Surrey scheme promises user-centric approach

Sustainable Building Briefing: Bioregional Homes has submitted a planning application for 30 affordable homes on a former tree nursery site in Chobham.

31 Jan 2019

Glasgow Council appoints placemaking lead

Sustainable Building Briefing: As the city’s first Urbanist, Professor Brian Evans will embed “place quality” within council-implemented plans.

14 Jan 2019

Cost-cutting opportunities highlighted in homebuilders sustainability report Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Designing with wellbeing in mind and waste reduction could help save millions, according to the 2018 Next Generation Sustainability Benchmark report

Europe, UK
14 Jan 2019

Homes England makes off-site construction statement Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Government body’s new South East base will be built using modern methods of construction.

Europe, UK
15 Dec 2018

Residential carbon intensity falls in Northern Ireland Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Overall emissions per capita have reduced by 28% between 1990 and 2016, despite population growth of 17% over the period.

6 Dec 2018

RINA invites near-zero upgrade case studies

Sustainable Building Briefing: Local authorities have been invited to enter building renovation projects as case studies into the pan-European ABRACADABRA project.

30 Nov 2018

Cory submits plans for Thameside energy park

EIA +Planning Briefing: Plans to increase capacity of by 655,000t/yr.

28 Nov 2018

Cambridge nursery wins overall Wood Award

Sustainable Building Briefing: University of Cambridge halls and chapels influence design.