16 May 2019

Plant-based insulation material developed Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The innovative material has better insulation properties than polystyrene foam, claim Washington State University researchers.

16 May 2019

Could air conditioners create low-carbon fuel? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Air conditioning units could be retrofitted to convert CO2 emissions into a renewable fuel, claim German and Canadian researchers.

9 May 2019

Termite nests could inspire energy-efficient construction Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The pore structure in termite nests enables advanced ventilation and drainage, both of which could be imitated to make our homes healthier.

9 May 2019

Stronger organic solar cells? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A novel strengthening process had made organic solar cells more resilient to water, air, and light, according to New York University researchers.

25 Apr 2019

Five novel construction materials for 2019 Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Illuminating cement and air-cleaning bricks are among the novel materials that could make construction more efficient, according to CRL.

25 Apr 2019

Novel material to reduce air conditioning costs? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: UK and Spanish researchers claim to have developed a cheap, eco-friendly material that is more efficient and cleaner than the gases currently used in refrigeration and air conditioning.

25 Apr 2019

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise recognise sustainable innovations Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: More than 200 businesses have received an award including companies that make efficient boilers and sweeping brushes from degraded recycled plastic.

25 Apr 2019

Fast charging EV station to open in Sunderland Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: This will be the first UK electric vehicle charging station with a charging capacity of 350kW, according to station provider Fastned.

18 Apr 2019

RFID system could transform Internet of Things Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Battery-free RFID tags could be embedded into non-electronic products to provide a far clearer picture of the goings-on in the indoor environment.

11 Apr 2019

Reflective roofs could reduce heat deaths by 25% Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Cool roofs may reduce peak day time temperatures by 3°C during heatwaves, claim University of Oxford researchers.

28 Feb 2019

Gove eyes post-Brexit cleantech lead for UK Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: UK environmental professionals should aim higher than the EU in setting standards and in building green technology markets after Brexit, says the environment secretary.

28 Feb 2019

Indoor green walls seek to improve air quality Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Naava Green Walls incorporate plants chosen for their air purification capabilities.

28 Feb 2019

Six new green technologies or old wine in new bottles? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The drive for better resource efficiency is changing the way we build. Ujjwal Goel, managing director of Teraciel Engineering and Contracting, outlines six technologies coming to a home near you.

28 Feb 2019

CRL identifies four potential eco-construction game changers Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Programmable cement and hydroceramics are among the next generation of construction materials, according to CRL.

7 Feb 2019

Transformative construction projects get Government funding Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: A novel piling system and AI planning technology are among the projects to receive funding from the Government’s £18m Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

7 Feb 2019

Terracotta pipes provide passive cooling solution Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: An Indian architect has designed an innovative cooling system based on the centuries-old practice of cooling water in terracotta pots, according to the UN Environment Programme.

7 Feb 2019

Wastewater sludge for brick production? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Bricks made with biosolids reduce waste and cut energy use, say researchers in Australia.

22 Jan 2019

Death of the traditional office space? Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The advent of co-working has changed the way our offices are built and occupied, says Waterman Group.

22 Jan 2019

Government zero building standard insufficient, says UKGBC Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The UK Green Building Council believes the cost optimality assessment for nearly zero energy buildings does nothing to improve energy performance standards.

14 Jan 2019

Chinese smart cities on the rise Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The Chinese smart city market could be worth £2.87 trillion by 2022, according to the Chinese Government.

Asia Pacific, China
5 Oct 2018

Brunel’s solar cells use heat pipes to boost efficiency Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The snap-together PV panels combine with heat pipes to create a system that generates electricity and makes use of waste heat.

27 Sep 2018

Asbestos detection tech set for launch Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Alert Technology’s real-time detector measures airborne asbestos fibres.

7 Jun 2018

Green polymers and 3D printing materials have fast growth prospects Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Global demand for green polymer additives, 3D printing materials and roof insulation are all forecast to rise, according to Market Research Future.

8 Jan 2018

District heating network set for Scottish shipyard site Locked

Brownfield Briefing: A new energy centre will grace an old shipyard site at Queens Quay in Clydebank.

Europe, UK
30 Aug 2017

Swansea site works underway Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Site investigation works are set to begin on a major regeneration project in Swansea that includes a 3,500-seat indoor arena.

22 Feb 2017

Lucideon looks beyond brick Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: Materials technology company Lucideon believes brick manufacturers must diversify their product offerings if the heavy clay industry is to be sustainable in the coming years.

1 Feb 2017

OS data to boost green UAE development Locked

Brownfield Briefing: Ordnance Survey International and Deimos UK’s geospatial data will be used to improve the management of natural resources and development of infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates.

25 Jan 2017

Government’s £100m CCS competition criticised Locked

EIA +Planning Briefing: The National Audit Office says the Government has gained little from a £100m Carbon Capture competition, which aimed to support adoption of the technology.

11 Jan 2017

UK-GBC launches innovation programme Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The UK Green Building Council has launched the Innovation Lab to encourage industry professionals to come up with - and share sustainable solutions to built environment problems.

14 Dec 2016

Smart strategies could save Washington $5bn Locked

Sustainable Building Briefing: The city-wide adoption of smart surface technologies could save Washington DC $5bn, according to Capital E.