Competitor Profiles

Competitor profiles of the leading global 23 firms, offering extensive information about their environmental consulting operations, only available from Environment Analyst

Insight and information

Detailed list of key corporate developments (including M&A financials) to demonstrate how the company has grown to become a key global player

Geographic footprint - an assessment of the company's regional operations, case study projects and growth strategies across the world

Overarching corporate insights - on business model and operational structure (how environmental consultancy practice is managed alongside other business activities)

 Global strategy - succinct, independent description of the consultancy's current strategy to grow its environmental consulting and wider business

Environment Analyst SWOT - our independent view of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each consultancy

4-year data

 Proportion of group turnover in environmental consulting
 Turnover (gross), group
 Turnover 3-year growth, group
 Turnover environmental services
 Turnover, environmental consulting
 Turnover 3-year growth, environmental consulting
 Operating profit, group
 Operating profit as % of gross turnover
 Staff, group
 Staff, environmental services
 Staff, environmental consulting
 Turnover per head, environmental services
 Turnover per head, environmental consulting
 Contracts, environmental consulting
 Average contract value, environmental consulting
 Global EC revenue breakdown by service area 
 Global EC revenue breakdown by client sector
 Regional analysis of EC business, by revenue and office numbers

Issued throughout the year each report includes comprehensive 4-7 page profiles of 22 of the leading global players in environmental consultancy including:


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