What makes for effective communications with employees and clients through the crisis? What makes for best practice in managing a remote workforce? What does good leadership look like? And what's the initial take on financial/M&A ramifications for the industry at this time? 

Our latest Insight Briefing can help.

Environment Analyst summarises key takeaways from AEC Advisors' recent panel-led discussion on the early industry response to COVID-19, featuring Andrej Avelini, president, AEC Advisors; Susan Reisbord, CEO & managing director, Cardno; Hisham Mahmoud, global president & CEO, Golder; and Doug McKeown, CEO, Woodard & Curran.

The virtual event attracted around 370 CEOs and business leaders from across the North American and global environmental consulting and professional services sector more broadly, giving valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities posed by the escalating pandemic. 

Members can download the full report here

Leadership at a Time of Crisis - report cover

Insights from the panel include:

  • "Providing regular, transparent, factual, and brutally honest communications to employees is very important"
  • "Establishing a weekly COVID-19 reporting process and a communications cadence will take away some of the anxiety"
  • "You won't get through this crisis without staying close to your clients"
  • "Cash is king - running out of cash is going to be the biggest killer of companies in this environment"
  • "We are already seeing some firms in a cash crunch seeking a ‘white knight’ buyer...there will be unprecedented M&A opportunities in this crisis"
  • "We need our people to be super motivated and ready for the pick-up"


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