Global Business Summit 2023 roundtables

A popular feature of Environment Analyst’s annual Global Business Summit, the roundtable discussions allow attendees to discuss topics of interest in an informal group setting, sharing their insights and experiences. In this briefing we present a summary of the key takeaways and outcomes from the roundtables at this year’s summit, which took place in Chicago on 27 June 2023.

Roundtables were moderated by guest experts in their respective fields.

Download the full roundtable report for a synopsis of the key discussion points and conclusions drawn from each of the following major topics: 

  • Successfully Embedding ESG into Everything We Do
  • Effective Partnerships & Collaborative Strategies to Maximize the Value Proposition
  • Identifying and Overcoming Key Challenges to Achieving a Circular Economy
  • Making Sense of the Noise: Guiding Clients through Climate-Related Measurement and Reporting
  • Getting the Right People at the Right Time at the Right Price: Exploring Solutions to Attracting & Retaining Talent
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Financial Partnership Models: Trends and Impact
  • Exploring Growth Opportunities in Asia-Pacific
  • Leveraging Data & Connecting Innovative Solutions to Achieve Sustainability Goals
  • Achieving the ‘S’ in ESG - Embedding Social Change & Equity