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What is the UK Market Intelligence Service and who is it for?

The UK Market Intelligence Service provides unique market data, commentary and insight into the UK environmental consultancy sector and the main firms who practice within it. Designed for environmental consultancies and their investors, suppliers and clients, the service helps meet a variety of key business needs including: strategic planning, competitor monitoring, KPI benchmarking, financial assessment, service area investment, partnering opportunities, client sector identification and M&A and other investment opportunities.

What’s included in a subscription?

Business News & Features

On financial results, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, projects, policy, opportunities, key personnel, new initiatives and much more. Includes weekly news email alert

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Competitor Profiles

Key company details, our financial, market and KPI dataset and SWOT analysis of the 28 largest environmental consulting firms issued throughout the year

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Market Intelligence Reports

Giving you unique quantitative and qualitative insight into market performance, trends, service areas, client sectors and leading consultancies

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Series of qualitative reports and articles exploring trends, issues, policy areas and opportunities, including interviews with key industry leaders and other experts

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Why subscribe?

Keeps you fully informed with the latest environmental consultancy business news - including mergers, acquisitions, projects, policy, opportunities and financial results.

Assess your competitive position - we provide comprehensive data and insight into the leading UK consultancies , including environmental consulting revenues and staff, service area revenues and client sector split. Through this data you'll be able to determine your competitive position alongside the key players.

Helps mitigate business risk - minimises the unforeseen risk to your organisation by uncovering market trends, providing a thorough market assessment and revealing in-depth competitor analysis.

Review the strategies of your competitors, partners and companies in which you invest or plan to invest - following comprehensive interviews with key players in the sector, and a review of their global operations, challenges and opportunities, we have provided the only independent assessment of each firms' strategic approach to growing their businesses. Through the report you'll be able to assess where competitors are strong/weak, what their strategies are, and where are the gaps and opportunities. This data can support your investment and operational decisions.

Forward looking analysis - Our 5 year market forecasts allow you to plan ahead for the future.

Identify growth opportunities to aid strategic planning and operational reviews - through our deep, expert and independent analysis of these consultancies, you'll have information and insight available to support your corporate decision-making.

Supports your financial assessment - financial analysis only tells part of the story. Our expert, independent assessment of historic record, service, regional & client sector performance, current strategies and future opportunities completes the picture.

Our coverage...

Top 28 consultancies - detailed profiles, interviews and news analysis

Other consultancies - our analysis and news coverage looks at over 600 firms operating in the UK environmental consultancy sector, with a focus on the top 100 firms. We regularly feature specialist consultancies

Service areas - market quantification, leaders and drivers across 12 areas

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Air Quality
  • Contaminated Site Assessment/Remediation
  • Impact Assessment
  • Ecological/Wildlife Services
  • Noise & Vibration
  • Environmental Risk & Due Diligence
  • Environmental Management (Systems) & Compliance
  • Sustainability Strategy & ESG
  • Water Quality & Resource Management
  • Waste Management/Circular Economy
  • Other Services

Client sectors - market quantification, leaders and drivers across 6 key areas:

Primary sectors

  • Government & agencies
  • Regulated industries
  • Extractive, manufacturing & processing Infrastructure & development
  • Financial & service sectors
  • Others

Sub sectors

  • Chemical & pharmaceutical
  • Construction/property
  • Energy - oil, gas & nuclear
  • Financial & professional
  • Local government (incl. state, regional)
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining, quarrying & metals
  • National govt (incl. agencies)
  • Other sectors
  • Renewable energy
  • Retail & leisure
  • Technology & communications
  • Transport
  • Waste firms
  • Water utilities

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The report from Environment Analyst contains a substantial volume of extremely useful information - both for consultancies and for those outside the sector looking to gain an insight into the market dynamics and impact of recession. It's the best we've seen.
Environment Analyst has built a formidable and well-deserved reputation for the quality of its Market Assessment and the usefulness of its news analysis and market briefings. We find its services invaluable. 
Environment Analyst has quite simply become the notice board for our industry. It is concise, informative and an invaluable tool... 

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