19 Nov 2019

GHD divests forensics business to NV5 Locked

Australia, Global, North America, US states
22 Oct 2019

Australian engineers under pressure to respond to climate crisis Locked

Growing number of signatories to The Engineers Declare movement which encourages firms to take a leadership position on climate action and turn their backs on carbon intensive projects

Asia Pacific, Global
16 Sep 2019

GHD achieves annual growth of 13% leading to record result Locked

Asia Pacific, Global
10 Sep 2019

Australian consultants grapple with coal mine ethics Locked

Asia Pacific, Global
30 Aug 2019

Top US enviro firms surge to growth, reports ENR Locked

Annual sector survey points to healthy growth in demand, both at home and internationally

Global, North America, United States
27 Jun 2019

GHD delivers EIS for Australian LNG terminal Locked

Asia Pacific, Global
24 Apr 2019

GHD appoints new environment lead for northern hemisphere

22 Jan 2019

GHD Digital strengthened in N America Locked

Global, North America
9 Oct 2018

GHD and Orbicon collaborate on Greenland rare earth mine EIA Locked

6 Aug 2018

GHD bolsters digital services Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia, Global
22 May 2018

Element opens new lab in Oman, GHD expands in Dubai Locked

Africa & Middle East, Global
26 Mar 2018

Insight Report: Digital revolution shapes environmental consultancy Locked

Business leaders from international consulting firms reveal how they believe the digital revolution is changing the EC sector from the inside and out

Europe, Global, UK
20 Mar 2018

GHD Advisory rolled out in N America Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia, Global, North America
27 Feb 2018

GHD Digital arm launched Locked

31 Jan 2018

Digital innovation top of agenda for Global 23 Locked

Digitalisation is a theme dominating the airwaves and one which the environmental consulting sector is embracing in a bid to secure even greater efficiencies for its clients in an increasingly cost- and resource-conscious world

Europe, Global, UK
30 Nov 2017

GHD to assess Australian west to east gas pipeline feasibility Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia, Global
1 Nov 2017

Australian consultancies offer flexible working to attract professionals back Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia, Global
14 Sep 2017

GHD announces 'record' financial performance Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia, Global
12 Jan 2017

GHD opens largest North American office Locked

Canada, Global, North America
9 Nov 2016

GHD rides market ups and downs Locked

GHD Advisory arm launched to provide ‘strategic advice across business lifecycle’ as Aussie group sees commodity and energy prices impacting North American business

Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, Global, North America, UK
15 Sep 2016

GHD unifies brand and boosts UK power team Locked

Europe, UK
6 May 2016

Country Insight: the rise, fall & recovery of Australia's environmental services sector Locked

Part II: the changing face of environmental consulting - we look at the fall-out from global M&A activity and why infrastructure is the new focus for many Aussie firms

Asia Pacific, Global
29 Apr 2016

Country Insight: the rise, fall & recovery of Australia's environmental services sector Locked

Part 1 - how consultancies in Australia & New Zealand are surviving the mining and oil & gas sector difficulties

Asia Pacific, Global
30 Mar 2016

New UK MD appointed by GHD Locked

Africa & Middle East, Europe, UK
9 Mar 2016

GHD appoints new CEO Locked

Asia Pacific, Global
29 Jan 2016

US market still growing, says EBI Locked

Private sector drives low single-digit increase in a US environmental consulting and engineering market still hampered by government austerity

Global, North America
9 Dec 2015

GHD reveals impact of CRA merger in FY2014/15 results Locked

Asia Pacific, Global, North America
7 Sep 2015

ISO 14001 standard update Locked

Europe, UK
2 Jul 2015

CRA rebranded under GHD banner Locked

Global, UK
3 Jun 2015

Australia's GHD boosts UK presence through acquisition Locked