10 Sep 2019

Contaminated land: A modern midlife crisis? Locked

Environment Analyst’s latest insight report explores the dynamics of the UK’s maturing contaminated land management sector and why consultants believe change from within is needed to kick-start the industry. It also views developments in the context of global market trends and statistics.

21 Aug 2019

Expert review: US Endangered Species Act overhaul Locked

Industry reacts as Trump administration proposes revision of Endangered Species Act, dubbed the ‘Trump extinction plan’ by green NGOs

North America, United States
30 Jul 2019

China & SE Asia: Environmental opportunities and challenges of epic proportions Locked

EA explores the dichotomy of huge opportunities versus complex environmental challenges across the SE Asian region in our latest Insight Report

Asia Pacific, Global
24 Jul 2019

Insight report: Ecological services in full bloom Locked

Having doubled in size since 2010, ecological consulting and wildlife management services represent a growing success story for the UK environmental sector. EA explores the driving forces and how mandatory BND, the rising natural capital agenda and tech innovation will impact.

18 Jul 2019

Expert review: the Canadian Impact Assessment Act Locked

Extended early engagement phase; increased focus on sustainability; climate change impact assessments; a constitutional crisis: Canada’s IAA has it all. But what does the new legislation mean practically? Environment Analyst reports

Canada, North America
26 Jun 2019

Leadership in environmental consultancy - extinction or rebellion? Locked

There is an urgent need for leadership in E&S consultancy to help organisations address the climate emergency. But is the sector ready to lead from the front, asked John Chubb of RPS in his opening keynote at the EA Business Summit 2019

Global, UK
17 Jun 2019

UK environmental sector GPG static despite best intentions Locked

The second year of gender pay gap data is in and EA has analysed the performance of the UK’s biggest environmental consultancies

11 Jun 2019

Digital transformation drives M&A in consulting Locked

Engineering consulting M&A to focus on technologies that can 'enhance services and improve efficiencies for clients' as disruption of traditional consulting boundaries continues, says Equiteq

Europe, Global, UK
4 Jun 2019

2050 – A Smart City Odyssey Locked

What will our urban spaces look like in three decades’ time? Find out in our latest Insight Report

Europe, UK
3 Jun 2019

Cardno: gender agenda

CEO Ian Ball tells EA about driving diversity & inclusion within Cardno's domestic Australian and US businesses and more broadly in the global consulting sector

Asia Pacific, Global, North America
29 May 2019

Global megatrends in environmental consulting 2019

As we enter a new era of environmental activism set against rapid societal change, what does this mean for the role of environmental consultant? Our special Insight Report explores key factors critical to shaping the global sector's future trajectory

Global, UK
8 May 2019

Sustainability consulting - key players confident of mid-term prospects

Jonathan Ballantine looks at how sustainability consulting providers are innovating and adapting their services to evolving buyer demands as climate risk and ESG rise up the investment agenda

Global, UK
30 Apr 2019

Driving the digital agenda in environmental consultancy

Business leaders from international consulting firms discuss the opportunities and risks as they and their clients continue to respond to the digital revolution

Global, UK
10 Apr 2019

Trade-offs becoming a sustainability risk

As economic and social models shift to incorporate sustainability, is the environmental pillar struggling under the weight of trade-offs and internal squabbling?, asks EA’s Ross Griffiths

Chile, Costa Rica, Europe, Global, Latin America & Caribbean, UK
20 Mar 2019

UK environmental consulting reliant on infrastructure & development for growth Locked

Our latest research report emphasises the market’s increasing reliance on major infrastructure projects. It also analyses the impacts of evolving policy drivers, the relaxation of government austerity and Brexit on all the major client sectors spending money on consultants.

22 Jan 2019

Accelerating the market for waste & recycling (part II) Locked

Market Insight: It’s been more than a decade since the UK government released policy intervention around waste reduction, so the recently launched Resources & Waste Strategy should be welcomed with open arms by the industry. EA assesses its potential impact

17 Jan 2019

Environmental consulting defies Brexit worries Locked

UK sector records solid growth again as nation's appetite for infrastructure provides no shortage of opportunities, finds EA report

Europe, UK
15 Jan 2019

Mining sector ups the ante on sustainability Locked

Insight Report: how the resurgent global mining and metals industry is aligning itself to the UN SDGs - with external collaborations and new technologies playing a significant part

Global, UK
9 Jan 2019

Global environmental consulting market surges Locked

Sector marks best performance this decade boosted by accelerated demand in Asia-Pacific and North America

Global, UK
11 Dec 2018

Accelerating the performance of plastic waste recycling Locked

Market Insight: The ban/import restrictions by China (and other potential end-markets) together with growing public awareness provide a strong argument for government and industry to examine the performance of plastic waste recycling in the UK

Europe, UK
26 Nov 2018

Insight Report: On the road to success? Locked

Highways work in England is ramping up on the back of the first national road investment strategy with a £225m dedicated environment fund. We find out how this is impacting demand for support services and where it is heading under the second draft strategy

Europe, UK
13 Nov 2018

Environment Analyst: Ten years and counting... Locked

We review the big changes impacting environmental consulting since EA was launched a decade ago and look forward to what the industry has in store for the next ten years

Europe, Global, UK
6 Nov 2018

Why Jacobs-WorleyParsons deal signals change for global sector Locked

EA gets the lowdown on the somewhat remarkable aspects of the latest mega deal to impact the consulting & engineering space from Josh Lahre of AEC Advisors

Europe, Global, North America, UK
3 Oct 2018

TEMBUSU: building bridges across Asia Locked

Asian sustainability newcomer on its goal to provide a new collaborative model of business putting SDGs at its core

Asia Pacific, Global
19 Sep 2018

Insight Report: Decommission impossible? Locked

UK environmental consultants are winning more work associated with the legacy of North Sea oil & gas infrastructure. As offshore decom activity ramps up, and with huge budgets at stake, we look at how environmental management approaches are evolving

Europe, UK
11 Sep 2018

Fluctuating fortunes still evident in global EC market Locked

EA’s latest Global Market Trends report suggests positive but reduced growth year-on-year particularly among large players in 2017-2018; some emerging markets building steam; industry concerns over Trump softening

6 Sep 2018

Brexit continues to temper EC market projections Locked

Increasing polarisation between small and large consultancy performance indicated in EA’s 2018/19 UK Market Trends survey - with the latter more confident based on transport and other domestic infrastructure prospects, as well as overseas work

Europe, UK
6 Sep 2018

Inogen: a different kind of global business model Locked

Full extent and ambition of Inogen alliance revealed as it takes on EC sector market leaders with its 'Global Thinking. Local Delivery' approach. EA learns more from the senior management team

Europe, Global, UK
17 Jul 2018

Which environmental factors are most likely to derail a housing scheme? Locked

In our UK 'Housing and the Environment' survey, contaminated land emerged as the chief threat to development. We look at how house-builders and their consultants are responding to the environmental challenges and what further disruption Brexit may bring

Europe, UK
3 Jul 2018

Why new energy is 'the greatest business opportunity in history' Locked

Advisian outlines how a firm for whom hydrocarbons have been its staple industry is transitioning to low carbon along with its client base, and where it sees the key opportunities globally