12 May 2017

Market Insight: trends in UK contaminated land consulting (part I) Locked

It has been a long and slow recovery for firms involved in site assessment and remediation design post recession, as they now face a shortage of skilled practitioners. EA looks at the current state of play and how services are evolving

Europe, UK
5 May 2017

Market Insight: UK infrastructure & environment Locked

In the third and final part of this special series of features looking at environmental business drivers and disruptors, we look at why the infrastructure and housing regeneration markets have consultants so optimistic

Europe, UK
5 May 2017

Global mega trends in environmental consulting 2017 Locked

Senior figures in the sector share their experiences and expectations of the key market forces shaping international demand for EC services

Europe, Global, UK
30 Mar 2017

Investing in the future - more bang for the bucks is oil industry mantra Locked

Market Insight: In a volatile, unpredictable marketplace the oil industry is getting more bang for its bucks. This was one of the overriding messages from senior global oil firm executives and their support service suppliers at IP Week 2017

Europe, Global, UK
30 Mar 2017

Market Insight: Energy and emissions catch 22 Locked

Where UK environmental consultancies are viewing opportunities for their services set against often seemingly divergent energy and emissions reduction policies, added to developments and threats on the international scene

Europe, UK
16 Mar 2017

Market Insight: Brexit and the changing policy landscape Locked

UK EC industry outlook 2017/18: risks, reaction and current consensus on Brexit and key environmental policy changes expected over the coming months

Europe, UK
26 Jan 2017

Achieving sustainable success in environmental consulting Locked

Business Insight: consultant to the industry Alan Fletcher offers his views on the critical factors determining long-term success for firms in the EC space

Europe, Global, UK
13 Jan 2017

UK infrastructure fuels surge in demand for environmental consulting Locked

Environment Analyst’s research figures reveal accelerated market growth of 8.7% in 2015 with the sector’s larger players benefiting from the rise in complex infrastructure projects

Europe, UK
6 Jan 2017

Global environmental consulting sector grows again Locked

Large integrated and multidiscipline players drive a two per cent increase through 2015 as consolidation continues to reshape top tier

15 Nov 2016

2016: a tipping point for climate change and corporate sustainability? Locked

It's a new dawn for business as leaders turn Paris promises into action at COP22 in Marrakech. EA looks at the changing shape of corporate sustainability management and the latest support services available

Europe, Global, UK
5 Oct 2016

JANUS - profile of a Japanese environmental consulting pioneer Locked

Japan's 170-strong environment and energy specialist opens up to EA on the state of play in its domestic market and how it has started to explore opportunities further afield

Asia Pacific, Global
30 Sep 2016

EA Business Summit 2016 - accelerating growth and adding value to address market disruptors Locked

Brexit of course rated as a prominent theme, but this year's EA summit also highlighted other strategic priorities for consultancy managers and the wider environmental profession

Europe, Global, UK
14 Sep 2016

Clinton vs. Trump - US Market Insight Locked

How the outcome of November’s presidential election will impact on the American (and international) environmental sector and how the candidates’ green policies stack up. EA provides a taster for our forthcoming 2016 Business Summit in two weeks’ time

Global, North America
18 Aug 2016

UK environmental consulting outlook constrained by Brexit Locked

Environment Analyst's latest Market Trends survey indicates dip in growth for larger environmental practices in the 2015 election year as Brexit nervousness also sees future growth prospects reined in

Europe, UK
15 Aug 2016

Brexit: time to consider options & opportunities for the UK environmental sector Locked

SPECIAL REPORT: What environmental protection policy and the associated services industry may look like in a post-Brexit UK; how environmental consultancies will need to adapt and drive forward sustainability innovation

Europe, UK
3 Aug 2016

Global environmental consulting market softens Locked

EA survey respondents from large international practices report static growth in 2015, whilst small firm participants enjoy healthier average increase of around 4%

15 Jun 2016

Brexit: Environment industry business risks (part II)   Locked

The second part of our special report exploring the environmental business case concerns and policy implications of the EU referendum as the countdown begins to next week’s vote, including results from EA's 2016 market trends survey on Brexit

Europe, UK
10 Jun 2016

Brexit: Environment industry business risks (part I) Locked

A special report summarising the business case concerns and environmental policy implications of Britain leaving the EU national referendum vote draws ever closer

Europe, UK
10 Jun 2016

Special Report: Collaborative framework for greening infrastructure Locked

The case for multi-agency partnerships to improve the social, economic and environmental sustainability credentials of urban development

Europe, UK
27 May 2016

Environmental consulting drives green jobs growth in UK Locked

Salary survey indicates improving prospects for sustainability professionals with 1.8% average pay rise in last year, rising to 3.1% in the advisory sector

Europe, UK
20 May 2016

Market Insight: global mega trends in environmental consulting 2016 (part II) Locked

What senior business managers make of recent industry consolidation and how other key factors might shape the international EC market going forward

13 May 2016

Market Insight: global mega trends in environmental consulting 2016 (part I) Locked

Senior managers share their experiences of the market ups and downs, revealing what key factors are expected to shape future demand - including how COP21 could dramatically alter the playing field

6 May 2016

Country Insight: the rise, fall & recovery of Australia's environmental services sector Locked

Part II: the changing face of environmental consulting - we look at the fall-out from global M&A activity and why infrastructure is the new focus for many Aussie firms

Asia Pacific, Global
5 May 2016

SME Insight: Mabbett & Associates enhances environmental planning offering Locked

We hear from Mabbett’s new head of environmental planning based in Glasgow on the EIA scene, Scottish market dynamics and relations with its US big sister

Europe, North America, UK, United States
29 Apr 2016

Country Insight: the rise, fall & recovery of Australia's environmental services sector Locked

Part 1 - how consultancies in Australia & New Zealand are surviving the mining and oil & gas sector difficulties

Asia Pacific, Global
15 Apr 2016

Country Insight: riding the Brazilian roller coaster (part II) Locked

Sergio Vieira continues his special report on the very significant opportunities and also barriers to environmental consulting in recessionary Brazil

Global, Latin America & Caribbean
3 Mar 2016

Market Insight: what's in store for 2016? (part II) Locked

How austerity, flooding, Brexit and COP21 are expected to influence environmental work opportunities this year and beyond

Europe, UK
29 Jan 2016

US market still growing, says EBI Locked

Private sector drives low single-digit increase in a US environmental consulting and engineering market still hampered by government austerity

Global, North America
21 Jan 2016

Country Insight: riding the Brazilian roller coaster (part I) Locked

How environmental consulting practices - both local and international - are coping with a sector in flux

14 Jan 2016

Market Insight: gearing up for North Sea oil & gas decom Locked

40-year legacy offers significant opportunities for environmental consultancies; EA looks at the scale work up for grabs and skills in demand

Europe, UK