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General - Brownfield - Wheathamstead @Emily Cooke, Sanctus

Brownfield review: Kelvedon | Bury | Kew | Halton | St Helens Locked

Another campaign group has formed - this time against farmland development and potential new town, as Bury Council sells off land to pay for staff selling it, Berkeley Group takes advantage of planning changes, as land affected by contamination being developed.

ground gas - housing development

Ground Gas 2021: Assessment initiatives emerge Locked

Environment Analyst's Brownfield Intelligence Network conference Ground Gas 2021 highlighted several initiatives which have recently or are set to emerge, which are simultaneously challenging and exciting

Jake Hurst, Arcadis

Expert Q&A: Rise of the forever chemicals Locked

Awareness of PFAS contamination continues to increase across the world. Jake Hurst, PFAS lead for Arcadis in the UK, describes the role that his company is playing in tackling it, in the US, Europe and elsewhere