Time to think in circles Locked

We need to design building components that can be upcycled, and we need to stop designing products that pollute our homes. Eoin Redahan spoke to Suki Kler Young and Peter Mösle, two experts from Drees & Sommer, about the regulations and financial levers that could change the way we build.

Scottish timber to tackle UK’s climate concerns? Locked

The timber industry can help solve the housing crisis without carbon emissions skyrocketing, said contributors to a Westminster inquiry.

Advanced solar panel material receives non-toxic boost Locked

US researchers claim to have created a lead-free perovskite semiconductor for the next generation of solar cells.

Upcycled cork building on Stirling Prize shortlist Locked

Six projects have been shortlisted by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Major materials firms urged to make climate change pledge Locked

A group of investors has implored major construction material firms to put measures in place now to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Squeezing heat into light for more efficient solar panels Locked

Rice University researchers claim to have found a way to turn the waste heat from photovoltaic panels into more electricity.

Perovskite advance could boost solar panel efficiency Locked

Saudi Arabian researchers say their fabrication technique could lead to the commercialisation of perovskite solar cells with conversion efficiencies of more than 21%.

Paint which absorbs carbon dioxide launched Locked

Graphenstone claims to have created the first commercially available, ultra-sustainable graphene-infused paints.

Aerogel material could boost solar heating devices Locked

The silica-based material generates higher temperatures than conventional solar collectors, making it useful for home heating, say MIT researchers.

Bouygues’ concrete formula could reduce carbon footprint by 80% Locked

The construction firm will work with Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies to develop its green cement technologies.

Recreating wood’s properties in 3D printing Locked

Swedish researchers have created a wood-based ink that they say mimics the ultrastructure of wood and could lead to a new swath of green materials.

Glue has surprising carbon capture attribute, says university Locked

Swansea University says it has developed a material that can effectively capture CO2.

A thin film solar panel breakthrough? Locked

Flinders University researchers believe a nanomaterial made from phosphorus could be key in the fabrication of cheap, efficient solar cells.

Novel materials scoop international awards Locked

Nanocellulose, an additive manufactured pavilion, and an environmentally-friendly concrete have all been recognised at the Beyond Bauhaus - Prototyping the Future design competition.