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First Floor, 7 Old Field Road, Bocam Park, Pencoed, Cardiff, CF35 5LJ, United Kingdom
Tel: 0161 442 8938
Company Background

APEM is Europe’s leading independent environmental consultancy specialising in aquatic ecology and remote sensing. APEM offers consultancy, laboratory services, field surveys and aerial remote sensing. We provide collection, interpretation and reporting of ecological data and specialist advice on ecological assessments, design, policy and licensing. We are experts in EIA, HRA, The Water Framework Directive, hydroecology, fisheries, drought planning, water quality and catchment management. We operate the largest invertebrate taxonomy labs in Europe, and conduct audits of other suppliers and regulators APEM is the global leader in aerial digital offshore wildlife surveys. Our award-winning aerial surveys for the water industry include mapping of pipe leaks, sewers, pollution, invasive species and misconnections.

UK branch offices


Global group staff 174
Global environmental services staff 174
Global environmental consulting staff 174
UK group staff 173
UK environmental services staff 173
UK environmental consulting staff 173
Work Area Details

Environmental consultancy

  • Ecological/wildlife services
  • Water quality & resource management