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Brownfield & Regeneration Network on-demand events

Our on-demand webinars and panel discussions are available for Network members to watch for free.

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On-demand events

BRN - waste management 200px


Waste & Materials Management conference                            

24 January, Online conference


Our annual Waste & Materials Management conference explored the best way forward for achieving circular economy and sustainability goals in the management, and re-use, of brownfield and construction waste.

This conference provided crucial regulatory and policy updates on managing the waste and re-use of materials in brownfield remediation & development, insights on managing legal considerations and the WM3 Waste Classification Guidance User Survey, and real-life examples in a series of case study presentations.

View the event agenda and speakers here.

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BRN - Perspectives on Tackling Skills 2022


​Perspectives on Tackling the Skills, Resource & Diversity Challenges in the Brownfield Sector

8 November at 10:00 BST, Online panel discussion


The brownfield sector is facing challenges across the board in resourcing and recruiting the people and skills required to fulfil current project requirements and enable growth. Additionally, in a recent survey the wider environmental profession was ranked the second least ethnically diverse sector in the UK.  

Our Brownfield & Regeneration Network panel discussion on 8 November at 10:00 GMT, held in partnership with SiLC, will bring together a diverse panel with a wide range of experiences, to discuss these challenges, including the current approach to recruitment and career development, and explore strategies to attract and recruit a more diverse workforce, and future-proof the sector to better meet changing industry and project demands.


  • Carrie Rose, Associate Technical Director, Atkins & Chair of SiLC Equality, Diversity and Inclusion subgroup


  • James Bickle, Consultant, Delta Simons
  • Ethny Childs, Communities & Partnership Lead, Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES)
  • Roni Savage, Managing Director & Founder, Jomas
PFAS 2022 - BRN image


​Remediation & Management of PFAS & Other Emerging Contaminants  

14:30-16:30 GMT on 2 November, Online webinar


Building on the discussions from our Groundwater 2022 conference, which focused on updated approaches to the risk assessment & management of PFAS & other emerging contaminants in groundwater, this webinar explored innovative strategies and new techniques for the remediation and management of these contaminants of increasing concern.

Bringing together a range of perspectives, both UK and international, this online session looked at the considerations and approach being taken for different PFAS-contaminated sites, including:

  • Key risk drivers, practical concerns, and other questions that often need to be addressed; 
  • Developing a robust CSM to best understand where PFAS is present, the source, and likely migration; 
  • Deciding the most appropriate response with available solutions and technologies
BRN - Nutrient Neutrality


​Achieving Nutrient Neutrality in Brownfield Development 

19 October, Online webinar


Nutrient neutrality is a means of ensuring that a development plan or project does not add to existing nutrient burdens within a catchment or result in a net increase in nutrients received by sensitive habitats downstream. However, this has considerable implications for the planning and development of brownfield sites where it is often harder to provide the necessary mitigation onsite due to spatial constraints or the density of the development. 

In this webinar Simon and Wendy will outline the background to the nutrient neutrality issue, talk about the process of assessment and implications for inclusion of mitigation on site (with specific focus on brownfield sites), with discussion from the Local Planning Authority point of view, explanation of more strategic options, and how things are likely to develop in the next couple of years.  


  • Wendy Furgusson, Associate, Environment & Health, Ramboll
  • Simon Kennedy, Strategic Environmental Planning Manager, Partnership for South Hampshire
BRN - Ground Gas 200px


​Ground Gas 2022                                                           

4 October, Online conference


This annual conference sees experts from Persimmon Homes, Buro Happold, west Dunbartonshire Council, Environmental Protection Group, Renfrewshire Council. LBHGEO Ground Engineering, NS Training, Development & Assessment Ltd, CL:AIRE and RSK Environment discuss new guidance and practical solutions for improved risk assessment, mitigation and protection verification of ground gas.

Get first-hand insights, policy updates and case study examples on:

  • How to ensure you are seeing the real picture - understanding and interpreting continuous gas monitoring data
  • Improving the quality of gas protection installation and verification
  • Best practice in detailing and designing appropriate gas protection
  • Assessing the risk of landfill gas migration for brownfield development

If you would like to purchase the recording of this event, or if you have already attended and cannot find your on-demand replay link, please contact



​Regulatory Underfunding and the Drive for Net Zero                             

27 September, Online panel discussion


This panel discussion, held in partnership with Soilfix, explored the extent to which an underfunded, under-resourced regulatory system is presenting a barrier to brownfield development through significant delays, increased costs and additional carbon outputs on remediation projects and endeavour to find a possible way forward.


  • George Evans, Managing Director, Soilfix


  • Steve Edgar, Managing Director, VertaseFLI
  • Nicholas Invernizzi, Head of Remediation, Berkeley Group
  • Richard Moakes, Managing Consultant, Ramboll
BRN - carbon calculator 200px


​Use of a ‘Carbon Calculator’ Tool to Support Sustainable Remediation Design – A Contractor’s Approach                            

6 July, Online webinar


By presenting some case study examples, this webinar will highlight how Soilfix are utilising their bespoke ‘Carbon Calculator’ tool to help inform clients of the remediation option(s) with the lowest potential GHG emissions and the cost vs benefit of adopting alternative approaches, materials & ‘green fuels’.


  • Steve Jackson, Director, Soilfix Ltd
BRN - unlocking barriers 300px


​Unlocking Barriers to Deliver Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration                                                       

10 June, Online panel discussion


This panel discussion looked at the importance of early engagement and collaboration: involving all parties from the outset, and utilising resources available to de-risk sites and minimise potential delays and unexpected costs. Panellists also discussed how to manage the impacts of rising material costs and the sector skills shortage, and how to effectively incorporate climate change and sustainability goals into brownfield development.


  • Peter Witherington, Deputy Chairman, RSK Group


  • Karen Thornton, Land Quality Endorsement Manager, NHBC
  • Richard Hepworth, Group Director of Project Management, Urban & Civic
  • Anthony McNichol, Contaminated Land Officer, Stoke-on-Trent City Council
BRN - Ground Gas 200px


​Groundwater 2022                                                                                    

12 May, Online conference


This annual conference explored different emerging contaminants, including PFAS and 1,4-Dioxane, the current regulatory guidance for their risk assessment and management, appropriate monitoring and sampling analysis, and novel remediation techniques being developed to tackle these “forever chemicals”.

Get expert insights from:

  • Jacobs
  • Suez
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • British Geological Survey
  • Mott MacDonald
  • Ramboll

If you would like to purchase the recording of this event, or if you have already attended and cannot find your on-demand replay link, please contact

BRN - Legal implications 200px NEW


​Exploring the Legal Implications of the Environment Act for Brownfield Planning & Development                                       

25 January, Online webinar


In this webinar, Claire Petricca-Riding, Partner and National Head of Planning and Environmental Law at Irwin Mitchell LLP, shares her insights on the legal implications of the act for brownfield planning & development.

Claire outlines how the Environment Act relates to the development sector, the consultations which we expect to see in 2022 starting with biodiversity net gain and whether the much awaited planning reform will bring an added complexity or simplicity to brownfield land redevelopment.


  • Claire Petricca-Riding, Partner and National Head of Planning and Environmental Law at Irwin Mitchell LLP