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GeoShield Validation, Verification & Integrity Testing

The GeoShield On-Site Quality Assurance Program team are experts in all areas of protection membrane design, application monitoring, integrity testing & verification. GeoShield are a fully independent hazardous ground gas protection system verifier not only in the United Kingdom but internationally. We are founder members of the British Verification Council (BVC), are members of the Radon Council, the European Radon Association and are Supporter Members of CL:AIRE.

We hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and are certified with Construction Line Gold membership. Geoshield are functional members of many industry steering committees and design standard reviews. 

All GeoShield testing processes are in accordance with both the BR211 Radon – Guidance on protective measures for new buildings, Radon Protective Measures Quality Management Record and those advised in CIRIA 735 Good practice on the testing and verification of protection systems for buildings against hazardous ground gases; these include air lancing, tracer gas, smoke testing, dielectric, low voltage ELD testing and vacuum box testing. 

GeoShield possess decades worth of experience in On-Site Quality Assurance Programming & Warranty System support, specific fields include: 

  • Hazardous Ground Gas Protection System installations
  • Subterranean Waterproofing, Types A, B & C
  • Green & Blue Roof Waterproofing Electronic Integrity Testing
  • All Vapour Control Protection Membrane Installation

GeoShield work in alignment with all current UK Government advice & standards and receive UK Government support for global expansion via the Department of International Trade. 

At GeoShield we are committed to the continuous upskilling of our workforce and increasing the levels of competency throughout all the areas of the construction world. We take great pride in being the only verification company that can assess NVQ 2 ground gas installation, NVQ 4 verification and the new CL:Aire GPVS. Our verifiers are NVQ 4, SGPV/TGPV NVQ 2 and CSSW qualified. The GeoShield Training Centre is open to all applicants.

Fundamentally, at GeoShield we realize that each construction project is unique and so approach every contract with a bespoke attitude tailormade for your specific requirements.