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Radon Mapping in the UK

29 January at 10:30-12:00 GMT, Online event

This online panel discussion will see industry experts:

  • Give a brief history of Radon mapping in the UK
  • Discuss the updated radon map of Great Britain
  • Assess the impact of the new map

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion with questions from the audience.


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Meet the speakers

Darren Beriro


Dr Darren Beriro, Principal Geoscientist, British Geological Survey

Darren Beriro is a principal geoscientist at British Geological Survey, specialising in research on brownfield land redevelopment. Darren has 18 years of work experience on a wide range of projects including the development of new laboratory methods to measure the dermal bioavailability of organic contaminants in soils and the award-winning GIS-based Brownfield Ground Risk Calculator. Darren has most recently been working with the Environment Agency researching background concentrations of PFAS in soils and the Remediation and Sustainable Growth Tool.

Antonio Ferreira


Antonio Ferreira, Environmental Geochemist, British Geological Survey

Antonio Ferreira is an experienced Environmental Geochemist working for the British Geological Survey since 2014.  He has a 5-year graduate degree in Geological Engineering, a MSc in Geochemistry and a PhD in Geosciences from the University of Aveiro (Portugal). His research contributed to development of the first low density geochemical mapping of Portugal.  He also been involved in development work in environmental geochemistry of marine shelf sediments; digital geological mapping and 3D geological modelling (structure and properties) alongside the statistical analysis of U-Pb isotope ages in detrital zircons.

Since his arrival at British Geological Survey, he has been working in collaboration with the UKHSA on the development and production of radon risk maps for the UK. This collaborative work led to the Radon Map for Great Britain released in December 2022 after developing related research and getting involved with the European radon community; his contributions have included work on the development of the published European Atlas of Natural Radiation.

He has been involved in Compositional Data Analysis and projects related to the statistical analysis and mapping of UK soil and stream sediment geochemical data, including projects related with strategic resources such as Lithium and Rare Earth Elements.

Russell Lawley


Russell Lawley, Geoscientist, British Geological Survey

Russell Lawley is a geoscientist at BGS with over 30 years of experience in geological appraisal and spatial informatics. His main areas of expertise are in digital geological mapping, the characterisation of rock mass properties of sedimentary sequences, the creation of 2d/3d/4d geological and pedological models, and more latterly, the challenges of knowledge transfer and communication of BGS datasets to stakeholders. Russell manages a portfolio of BGS projects relating to the geology, geochemistry and engineering geology of the subsurface including BGS Geology, Gbase, BGS Civils, Parent Materials, BritPits and Radon.

Zori Daraktchieva


Zori Daraktchieva, Team Leader of Radon Dosimetry, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

Zori is the Team Leader of Radon Dosimetry in the UK Health Security Agency. She is Physicist with extensive experience in radiation modelling and energy calibration of Particle and Nuclear Physics detectors, Monte Carlo simulation and statistical analysis. Zori joined the Radon group in 2010 and has worked on a number of radon topics including seasonality of indoor radon, radon distribution, UK validation scheme and radon mapping. She is the Chair of BSI Standards Development Committee NCE/2 Radiation protection and measurement, and a member of ISO Radioactivity Measurements group and IEC Radon and radon daughter measuring instruments group.



Tracy Gooding, Principal Radiation Protection Scientist - Radon Group Leader, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

Profile coming soon...



David Rees, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

David Rees is the radon data manager with over 20 years of experience working within the Radon group at United Kingdom Health Security Agency. He maintains and develops the data systems used to support the services provided by the group. Through his involvement in the release of several radon affected area maps across the whole of the United Kingdom David has considerable experience in all aspects of map production from the preparation of the initial data, through the data processing stages, quality assurance, product release and professional use..