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GeoStream UK Ltd

Contact Chris Evans
(Technical Director)
St Baldred's Hall, 239 Ashley Road, Hale, Cheshire, WA15 9NE
Tel: 01902 906205
Tel: 01619287740
Company Background

GeoStream UK is the only single source provider of tried and tested remediation technologies in the UK, offering the full range of physical, chemical and biological treatment techniques for soils and groundwater and exclusive providers of Trap & Treat® (BOS 100® & BOS 200®) and the full range of injectable substrates supplied by Carus Remediation Technologies for the UK and Ireland.

Work Area Details

Contracting services

  • Contaminated Land/Remediation - contracting
    • Bioreactors/Sludge Treatment
    • Chemical Addition/Reaction
    • Containment
    • Electrolysis/Electroremediation
    • Hydrofracture/Injection
    • In-Ground Barriers/Mixing
    • In-situ Air Sparging/Venting
    • In-situ Bioremediation/Injection
    • In-situ Heating/Steam Injection
    • Landfarming/Biopiling
    • Landfill
    • Magnetic/Chemical Separation
    • MNA (monitored natural attenuation)
    • Permeable Reactive Barriers
    • Phytoremediation
    • Pump & Treat (Bioslurping)
    • Soil Vapour Extraction/DVE
    • Soil Washing/Jet Washing
    • Solidification/Immobilisation
    • Stabilisation ex-situ (cover layers)
    • Vitrification
  • Land Management
    • Site Investigation