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Indoor green walls seek to improve air quality

The Finland-based health technology firm has launched its indoor vertical planter system for the UK market to improve air quality in workplaces.

The smart furniture uses plants with non-allergen properties to reduce harmful chemicals in the airs and moderate humidity. The system is soil-less to avoid pests and mould and includes an in-built lighting system to replicate natural daylight.

The green walls work by absorbing air through their roots. The microbes in the roots purify the air and small, unseen fans filter the purified air back into the room.

According to the company, one Naava planter can purify up to 60m² of indoor air – the equivalent of 6,000 potted plants in that same area.

"With the average person spending 22 hours a day indoors it is of the upmost importance that toxic air quality is reduced," says Neil Jenks, managing director of Office Blueprint.

"We are committed to healthy, inspiring and stress-free office environments which contributes to enhanced wellbeing."

This system costs about £189/month for the vertical planter and service.

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