18 Oct 2019

Calls for stricter regulation at RemSoc Conference Locked

Delegates vote overwhelmingly for stricter and better resourced regulation in lively panel debates.

18 Oct 2019

Grenfell report should worry all urbanites Locked

The Government’s report into post-Grenfell land contamination was supposed to ease people’s fears, but it might make Londoners feel worse. Eoin Redahan reports. 

11 Oct 2019

The race is on for sustainable towns and cities Locked

Environment Analyst’s Sustainable Towns and Cities Conference covered topics ranging from town planning to energy systems. Ian Grant listens to some of solutions proposed.

11 Oct 2019

The slow drip of sustainable change Locked

SURF has written a paper tracing the changes in the sustainable remediation industry in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, progress reads more like a stodgy epic than a riveting page turner. Eoin Redahan reports.

Global, United States
3 Oct 2019

Conservatives target infrastructure, climate change and ugly developments

The Conservative Party conference was inevitably dominated by Brexit, but there was also a raft of announcements on infrastructure, a new package of measures to help meet the UK’s Net Zero target for 2050, and on localism in planning. But concerns over Brexit’s impacts on environmental standards and the UK's ability to meet carbon budgets persist.

3 Oct 2019

Be prepared for PFAS Locked

Of all the emerging contaminants, PFAS have arguably done the most to capture the remediation industry’s attention. These substances may represent a threat to public health, but they could also provide an opportunity for the contaminated land industry. Eoin Redahan found out more from Grant Ferrier, editor of the Environmental Business Journal.

3 Oct 2019

Should they stay, or should they flamin-go? Locked

Flamingo Land’s plans for the shores of Loch Lomond have buckled under the weight of public anger… but it’s not over yet. Eoin Redahan reports.

27 Sep 2019

2030 and beyond – what can we expect from Labour’s Green New Deal? Locked

A new publicly dominated power sector playing a major role in delivering Net Zero emissions twenty years early lies at the heart of Labour’s new agenda, though there are doubts as to whether it is realistic. Paul Hatchwell investigates. 

27 Sep 2019

Sheffield, London and Singapore - the rise of the ‘green city’ Locked

Tower blocks changed our cityscapes in the ’60s. Now tall towers are back. But they often come festooned with vegetation. Achieving efficient drainage is also radically changing urban design. Will Hatchett reports.

23 Sep 2019

Once smitten, twice shy? Locked

Last year, I (Eoin Redahan) wrote a feature about HAB Housing - the ill-fated company founded by Grand Designs presenter and likeable uncle-type Kevin McCloud. It was a gushing, fawning 2,000-word eulogy to be more precise.

22 Sep 2019

Construction could feel the No Deal squeeze

The No Deal “worst case scenario” document released by the Government will unsettle those in the construction industry. Eoin Redahan reports.

22 Sep 2019

McVey argues for ‘brownfield first’ development policy Locked

New housing minister Esther McVey put an ambitious house building programme and promoting owner occupation at the heart of her first policy speech. Will Hatchett reports.

14 Sep 2019

Contaminated land: a modern mid-life crisis? Locked

Environment Analyst’s latest insight report explores the dynamics of the UK’s maturing contaminated land management sector and why consultants believe change from within is needed to kick-start the industry. It also views developments in the context of global market trends and statistics.

4 Sep 2019

Sprong loaded Locked

Is the UK’s deep housing retrofit market taking off? Not quite, but we’re seeing definite progress. Eoin Redahan reports.

20 Aug 2019

How can your business reduce its carbon footprint? Locked

Sensible waste management and an enlightened approach to the daily commute could cut costs and help the environment. Nic Redfern, finance director of KnowYourMoney.co.uk, outlines some of the simple measures you could take.

9 Aug 2019

Smarter models for solar energy production Locked

The Government’s plans to implement a Smart Export Guarantee for solar panel owners from 1 January 2020 could represent a significant step towards a greener future. The question is, how big of a step? Paul Hutchens, ceo of solar specialists Eco2Solar, answers this question and takes a look at the changing face of solar energy production.

2 Aug 2019

How will Boris Johnson tackle the housing crisis? Locked

Stamp duty cuts? Revitalising commuter towns? Jamie Johnson, ceo at FJP Investment, takes a look at the levers the new Prime Minister may pull to get the housing market moving.

1 Aug 2019

Shining a light on solar windows Locked

What if you could create a transparent glass that also serves as a solar panel? That’s what researchers in South Africa are developing. Eoin Redahan reports.

26 Jul 2019

The Old Way and the Clay Locked

Let me tell you about these advanced materials. They’re energy-efficient, breathable, non-toxic, reusable, and reasonably priced. They’re called… clay and straw. Eoin Redahan reports.

19 Jul 2019

The Development + Infrastructure podcast - July 2019 Locked

Why is the Government's climate change policy failing, what's the latest news in construction and planning, and why should we build with natural materials?

12 Jul 2019

Re-tooling for climate change Locked

A lawyer representing a river in court… A big corporation badgered by its employees to become greener… The old ways are shuffling off stage and the new ones are filtering through. Eoin Redahan reports.

5 Jul 2019

What will the workplace look like in 30 years? Locked

We’re still learning about indoor air quality, employee wellbeing, and the Internet of Things. As we learn and new technologies come on stream, our office spaces will also evolve. Chris Martin, CTO at PowWowNow, takes a closer look.

21 Jun 2019

African cities need investment to make sustainability shift Locked

Across Africa, cities are becoming more sustainable, but more investment is needed to hasten this change. We spoke to James Alexander, director of the City Finance Programme, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, to find our more.

21 Jun 2019

Hotel harnesses hydropower Locked

The owners of Palé Hall, a country house hotel in North Wales, have revamped an old hydropower system to deliver all of their power needs. Here’s how they did it.

13 Jun 2019

Ireland cuts the carbon Locked

Ireland has made remarkable progress in onshore wind generation, yet it’s still struggling to meet its climate change commitments. Eoin Redahan found out more at Ireland and Addressing Global Environmental Challenges.

7 Jun 2019

Embedding social value across business Locked

Some businesses are now reporting the wider social value of their work in real time. Chris Farrell, managing director of Impact Reporting, a bespoke social impact reporting tool, discusses how businesses can prioritise social value and improve reporting to make a difference to the bottom line.

7 Jun 2019

Will the recommendations to tackle waste crime be enough? Locked

Dealing with illegal waste, including from building sites, costs the economy £1bn a year. But the Environment Agency faces serious restrictions in its enforcement powers. Will the recommendations of the Noel review make a difference? Will Hatchett takes a look.

31 May 2019

2050 – A Smart City Odyssey Locked

What will our urban spaces look like in three decades’ time? Find out in our latest Insight Report.

Europe, UK
31 May 2019

Tory leadership race – and on the stump with Rory Stewart Locked

No tax on buying and selling brownfield houses for five years and doubling the amount spent on climate change among the ideas emerging.

31 May 2019

The case for rewilding beavers Locked

Beavers are nature's engineers. They mitigate flooding, provide habitats for other wildlife, and reduce soil erosion. Journalist and author Ben Goldfarb outlines the benefits of re-wilding these creatures.