13 Jun 2019

Ireland cuts the carbon Locked

Ireland has made remarkable progress in onshore wind generation, yet it’s still struggling to meet its climate change commitments. Eoin Redahan found out more at Ireland and Addressing Global Environmental Challenges.

7 Jun 2019

Embedding social value across business Locked

Some businesses are now reporting the wider social value of their work in real time. Chris Farrell, managing director of Impact Reporting, a bespoke social impact reporting tool, discusses how businesses can prioritise social value and improve reporting to make a difference to the bottom line.

7 Jun 2019

Will the recommendations to tackle waste crime be enough? Locked

Dealing with illegal waste, including from building sites, costs the economy £1bn a year. But the Environment Agency faces serious restrictions in its enforcement powers. Will the recommendations of the Noel review make a difference? Will Hatchett takes a look.

31 May 2019

2050 – A Smart City Odyssey Locked

What will our urban spaces look like in three decades’ time? Find out in our latest Insight Report.

Europe, UK
31 May 2019

Tory leadership race – and on the stump with Rory Stewart Locked

No tax on buying and selling brownfield houses for five years and doubling the amount spent on climate change among the ideas emerging.

31 May 2019

The case for rewilding beavers Locked

Beavers are nature's engineers. They mitigate flooding, provide habitats for other wildlife, and reduce soil erosion. Journalist and author Ben Goldfarb outlines the benefits of re-wilding these creatures.

24 May 2019

The D&I podcast - May 2019 Locked

This month, we talk about smart cities, the latest Committee and Climate Change report, and green belt issues in the North of England.

17 May 2019

Finance challenges in scaling electricity storage and vehicle charging Locked

For the UK to get beyond a few hundred megawatts of grid-connected battery storage, new contractual mechanisms will be required, according to finance experts at a recent London conference. Similar hurdles feature in the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Julian Rose reports.

9 May 2019

Starting the circular economy at home Locked

Soon, the circular economy will start at home, including conversion of organic waste into energy. Aldous Hicks, ceo and co-founder of ReCircle Recycling Ltd, outlines several eco-friendly technologies that will take us towards a closed-loop society.

9 May 2019

In focus: Philippa Spence Locked

Philippa Spence is the new UK managing principal of engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll’s Environment & Health business. So, what challenges await her and what forces does she see shaping the industry? Eoin Redahan reports.

3 May 2019

Put to the test Locked

Send a poor sample and you will get bad poor data. Hazel Davidson, technical marketing manager of Derwentside Environmental Testing Services Ltd, outlines some of the mistakes contaminated land practitioners can when taking samples and how they can rectify this.

26 Apr 2019

One giant leap for UK wildlife Locked

Claire Wansbury, Associate Director of Ecology, at SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins looks at the opportunities provided by biodiversity net gain.

12 Apr 2019

New minister joins ‘merry go round’ as housing crisis deepens

For a country which is failing to deliver the supply of new homes that it desperately needs, and has multiple other housing-related problems, the turnover of ministers is surprising. Will Hatchett looks at the numbers.

4 Apr 2019

Fall and rise of the timber tower Locked

Timber buildings boast many benefits but there are downsides too. So, what came out of the woodwork? Eoin Redahan reports.

29 Mar 2019

A stroll around Futurebuild Locked

Bottle cap benches. Fungus-reinforced steel. Harnessing the waste heat of the London Underground to ward off the winter. It was Futurebuild 2019. Eoin Redahan reports.

28 Mar 2019

‘Build homes or lose money’ minister tells Greater Manchester Locked

With centrally imposed housing targets in full swing, local green belt defenders have appeared all over the country. Will Hatchett looks at the effect they are having.

25 Mar 2019

Mipim 2019 review Locked

What were the major themes at Mipim 2019? With 500 cities exhibiting and over 100 conferences over the three days, Ian Grant picks out some themes.

20 Mar 2019

UK environmental consulting reliant on infrastructure & development for growth Locked

Our latest research report emphasises the market’s increasing reliance on major infrastructure projects. It also analyses the impacts of evolving policy drivers, the relaxation of government austerity and Brexit on all the major client sectors spending money on consultants.

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18 Mar 2019

Texas groundwater – the gamekeeper turned poacher? Locked

What happens when your environmental policy is moth-eaten, porous, riddled with holes? Texas happens. Eoin Redahan reports on the alarming state of coal waste regulations in the Lone Star state.

8 Mar 2019

The dire need for deep housing retrofits Locked

What do we need? A deep retrofit of more than 26 million UK homes. When do we need them? Before it’s too late. Eoin Redahan reports.

28 Feb 2019

Changing times expressed in Glasgow’s development plan Locked

Scotland’s first city is traditionally associated with shipbuilding and heavy industry. But that is changing with iconic modern buildings and landmarks and set to be improved by supplementary guidance on economic development set to go before ministers. Will Hatchett reports.

28 Feb 2019

Spoils of the sun: the Nottingham story Locked

Nottingham is on its way to becoming carbon neutral by 2028. So, what’s the secret? Eoin Redahan asked Sally Longford, the City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Energy and Environment, and Wayne Bexton, its Head of Energy Services.

22 Feb 2019

Free market institute upsets sacred cows Locked

You wouldn’t expect a leading neo-liberal think tank to advocate building on the green belt and raising capital gains tax, using the receipts for public benefit. But these surprising recommendations are contained in the Adam Smith Institute’s latest report. WIll Hatchett assesses it.

14 Feb 2019

The shipping container solution? Locked

Buy a load of shipping containers for £1,000 apiece, cut out a few windows, transform the insides with soft lighting and pallet furniture, and rent them for a song. Housing problem solved, right? Wrong. Eoin Redahan reports.

14 Feb 2019

In focus: the Southall Waterside redevelopment Locked

The Southall Waterside project is one of the most audacious brownfield developments currently taking place in the UK. Management consultancy Atkins and housebuilder Berkeley Group told us more about the remediation works and their creation of a new community in North West London.

7 Feb 2019

Calls for research and alternative herbicides as dangers of Japanese knotweed questioned Locked

All is not well in the world of Japanese knotweed. Eoin Redahan sifted through the responses to the Science and Technology Committee’s Japanese knotweed inquiry.

4 Feb 2019

Infrastructure: London’s uneasy evolution Locked

Protection against natural disasters... selectively deaf planners… fibre-optic cable... What sort of infrastructure-related issues matter most to Londoners? Eoin Redahan took a look at AECOM’s Future of Infrastructure report.

1 Feb 2019

Planning ‘power grab’ for UK predicted post-Brexit Locked

Different and rapidly-evolving Brexit scenarios have thrown the future of UK planning into question, with experts divided on the potential nature of future legislation and how far and quickly we will diverge from EU-derived planning law.

28 Jan 2019

NQMS update Locked

The National Quality Mark Scheme, which aims to raise the standard of land contamination reports, is gathering momentum. Seamus Lefroy-Brooks, chairman of the Land Forum NQMS sub-committee, gives us the latest on its progress.

Europe, UK
22 Jan 2019

Off-site growing pains Locked

Will the Government drive meaningful change in the construction industry? Did it make firm commitments at the Off-site Manufacture for Construction debate in the House of Lords before Christmas? Eoin Redahan reports.

Europe, UK