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1x1.pngbullet-arrows.pngGlobal Environmental Consulting Strategies and Competitor Analysis

  • This edition contains profiles of the following 24 global environmental consultancies:
    AECOM, Amec Foster Wheeler, ANTEA GROUP, Arcadis, ATKINS, Cardno, CH2M, Coffey International, Environmental Resources Management, GHD, Golder Associates, Grontmij NV, HDR, ICF International, Jacobs, Mott MacDonald, MWH Global, Ramboll Environ, Royal HaskoningDHV, RPS Group, SLR, Tetra Tech Inc, WorleyParsons and WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

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EA-Global-MIS-image03.pngbullet-arrows.pngMarket opportunities

  • Understanding market opportunities and competitor performance in regions as diverse as Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and South America is a major challenge for today's consulting firms.
  • Our new market report is designed to help consulting firms and investors navigate these international opportunities.

    Test and challenge your own planning assumptions;
    Inform your investment decisions;
    Benchmark your performance;
    Understand competitors' strategies & performance.

bullet-arrows.pngYour single source for strategic assessment and competitive analysis

  • Environment Analyst is pleased to announce the 2016 edition of its strategic assessment and competitor analysis of 24 of the world's top environmental consultancies. Packed with company data, competitor intelligence and strategic insight, this in-depth review of the top operators is the first report to assess the global operations and strategies of the firms with multi-region operations.
  • Aimed at global executives, advisors and investors in environmental consultancies, this unique and in-depth report will help:

Assess your global and regional competitive position - we provide comprehensive data and insight into the consultancies with international operations, including environmental revenues, geographical breakdown, service area revenues and client sector split. Through this data you'll be able to determine your competitive position alongside the key players.

Review the global strategies of your competitors and companies in which you invest or plan to invest - following comprehensive interviews with key players in the sector, and a review of their global operations, challenges and opportunities, we have provided the only independent assessment of each firms' strategic approach to growing their global businesses. Through the report you'll be able to assess where competitors are strong/weak, what their strategies are, and where are the gaps and opportunities. This data can support your investment and operational decisions.

Identify growth opportunities to aid strategic planning and operational reviews - through our deep, expert and independent analysis of these consultancies, you'll have information and insight available to support your corporate decision-making.

Understand how others see your company - with Environment Analyst's independent review. Assess whether your internal view of your firm is reflected in the wider market, from a market intelligence provider who really knows and understands the sector.

Support your financial assessment - financial analysis only tells part of the story. Our expert, independent assessment of historic record, service, regional & client sector performance, current strategies and future opportunities completes the picture.

bullet-arrows.pngCorporate profiles

  • The report includes comprehensive 4-7 page profiles of 24 of the most globally active players in environmental consultancy:

    AECOM, Amec Foster Wheeler, ANTEA GROUP, Arcadis, ATKINS, Cardno, CH2M, Coffey International, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), GHD, Golder Associates, Grontmij NV (Sweco), HDR, ICF International, Jacobs, Mott MacDonald, MWH Global, Royal HaskoningDHV, RPS Group, SLR, Tetra Tech Inc, WorleyParsons and WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Extensive details about each consultancy include:


Share of global environmental consulting market
Global environmental consulting revenues over last 5 years
Group turnover and operating profit
Environmental staff (and change over the last year)
Number of environmental contracts
Turnover per head
Average contract value
Number of offices in each region
Global split of environmental consultancy revenue across 6 key work areas
Global split of environmental consultancy revenue across 6 key client sectors
Global split of environmental consultancy revenue across 6 regions


EA-Global-MIS-check-icon.pngDetailed list of key corporate developments (including M&A financials) to demonstrate how the company has grown to become a key global player

EA-Global-MIS-check-icon.pngGeographic footprint - an assessment of the company's regional operations, case study projects and growth strategies across the world

EA-Global-MIS-check-icon-lg.pngOverarching corporate insights - on business model and operational structure (how environmental consultancy practice is managed alongside other business activities)

EA-Global-MIS-check-icon-lg.pngGlobal strategy - succinct, independent description of the consultancy's current strategy to grow its environmental consulting and wider business; budget/target for 2017 and beyond

EA-Global-MIS-check-icon.pngEnvironment Analyst SWOT - our independent view of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each consultancy

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  • Front-end commentary reviews the various operations, histories and strategies of the key players and selected other firms, drawing independent, expert Environment Analyst conclusions on where we see the global sector heading over the next few years.
  • The report also includes numerous ranking tables of the 23 key operators (eg by staff or revenue, in each region, within each sector, and by each service area).
  • The report also includes an assessment of 2015-16 trends from the online survey conducted in 2016, including the growth expectations in different regions.

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