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GHD, the employee-owned, Australian-headquartered global consulting firm, has launched a series of insight papers that outline bold and pragmatic climate change solutions for the coming decade on the path to net zero.

Making the Next 10 Years Count @ COP26 is an online collection of insights and perspectives from GHD engineers, scientists, architects and advisors working around the world – and in the field – addressing how to make energy systems more sustainable, and communities more resilient to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

The three papers address three key questions and provide ambitious potential solutions from GHD experts for the road ahead:

  • How can we rapidly decarbonise our energy systems? A supercharged transition: Making the next 10 count to rapidly decarbonise our energy systems [Download]
  • How can planners and place-makers shift their thinking to create resilient, adaptive, low-carbon communities? Shock-resistant communities: Making the next 10 count to underpin resilient, adaptable communities [Download]
  •  How can market forces, public-private finance trends and ESG drivers collaborate to have the greatest impact on COP26 sustainability goals Radical collaboration: Making the next 10 count to accelerate the low-carbon economy [Download]

GHD recently carried out a survey amongst its early career professional employees - those aged 35 and under, or with less than 10 years’ industry experience. The survey found that 84% did not believe governments and businesses were doing enough to prioritise low-carbon energy solutions. 

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As for the company itself, GHD is committed to achieving carbon neutrality for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2025. Broadly, the company supports clients and communities to lead the transition towards affordable, reliable, secure and low-carbon energy, through its client service offering called Future Energy.

Tej Gidda, global leader of GHD Future Energy, explained: "Pre-COVID-19, the energy mix was already shifting, with renewables accounting for more than 70% of global new generation capacity in 2019. Our clients are making significant energy transition choices and faster than ever before." 

"Our Future Energy services build on GHD’s strengths in areas such as hydrogen, waste to energy and energy systems integration. Already, we are working on some 150+ projects with oil & gas majors, water utilities, governments, construction firms, energy companies and transport entities."