EA Top 100

Global sustainability membership community Environment Analyst has released its annual ranking of the Top 100 global environmental & sustainability (E&S) consultancy firms, based on figures reflecting their 2020/21 financial years. 

US-based global professional services firm and environmental consulting provider Jacobs takes the top spot, followed closely by Fortune 500 and NYSE-listed consulting giant AECOM. Both firms have cited record ESG-related demand as a ‘significant’ and ‘encouraging’ driver for recent strong earnings, and as a robust source of future growth opportunities. They project ongoing client demand centred on advancing multi-decades long ESG initiatives.

Rising rapidly up the rankings is the highly acquisitive WSP which has recently benefited from the additions of Golder, Louis Berger and Ecology & Environment Inc. But its third-place ranking does not yet reflect the additions of Wood E&I and RPS, both of which are set to be acquired in 2022 and likely to significantly improve its position in the next edition of our rankings.

The Top 10 global environmental & sustainability consultancy firms in 2020/21 are: 

1. Jacobs


3. WSP

4. Tetra Tech Inc

5. Arcadis

6. ERM (Environmental Resources Management) 

7. Ramboll

8. Wood

9. HDR

10. Stantec

The Big Four accounting and audit firms (EY, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC) and the top three management consultancies (Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, and McKinsey) are now fully featured in the rankings, reflecting their vital roles in this sector as ESG, net zero and sustainable business transformation services become more mainstream, and as all seven firms commit to expanding their dedicated climate and sustainability client support capabilities and investments.

Environment Analyst’s definition of environmental sustainability consulting (E&S) includes any activity that: "Provides specialist technical, management, risk and strategic advisory services to help organisations understand, manage, and limit their impacts, to protect and enhance the environment and society in line with the UN SDGs".

Each of the top 100 firms are ranked in order of E&S consulting revenue, and classified under one of three categories: E&S specialist, mid-range multidisciplinary, or large-scale integrated/multidisciplinary professional services.

Strategic members of Environment Analyst’s Global Market Intelligence Service have access to comprehensive revenue and classification data used to compile the report, while non-members are welcome to download a ranked list of the top 100 firms.

Environment Analyst is grateful to the firms that assisted in the creation of this report by completing our surveys, participating in email/phone/face-to-face interviews and verifying/commenting on their company profiles.

We operate an ongoing policy of content verification. Should firms wish to provide updated company information, or to discuss any aspect of the report, please contact senior analyst and lead report author Brian Noer (brian.noer@environment-analyst.com). 


Accessing other reports and profiles in the series 

Strategic members of Environment Analyst’s Global Market Intelligence Service can also download the accompanying Global E&S Competitor Analysis 2020/21 (including a full set of company profiles) and other reports in this series separately from the special download page [www.environment-analyst.com/global-mis].

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