Global Business Summit 2023

The environmental & sustainability industry is undergoing a period of rapid-fire change, thanks to a potent combination of government policy and legislative developments working towards a just transition, entwined with the evolving ESG agenda in the corporate and finance sectors. 

Environment Analyst’s Global Business Summit is returning on 27-28 June in Chicago and will bring together sustainability consulting leaders, clients and stakeholders to provide clarity on how  sustainability and ESG drivers are impacting the North American market and how organisations are responding, to help you develop strategies to fully integrate ESG within your business and effect real action.

Topics being discussed at the Summit include:

  • Environmental & sustainability consulting market outlook - Environment Analyst shares our latest research, leader rankings, and data, on the global and North American market, identifying key opportunities, challenges, and disruptors
  • Key global economic, regulatory & environmental policy drivers influencing the North American market - examining the impact of new legislation (including the upcoming SEC reporting requirements, the IRA and IIJA), and the opportunities these create; as well as downside risks such as ESG backlash 
  • Accelerating the business case for nature-based solutions - how to monetise environmental impacts and solutions through natural capital accounting 
  • People-centred climate action - supporting the "S" in ESG
  • Digital impact and transformation - how to integrate digital into core services and optimise strategic partnerships for success in sustainability 
  • Energy transition and decarbonisation - outlining the evolution to a low carbon future and exploring how the E&S consulting sector can add value to the energy transition
  • Developing resilient and sustainable infrastructure - incorporating enforceable ESG commitments into the design and build of infrastructure projects, and effectively integrate sustainability metrics
  • ESG reporting & financial investment - evaluating progress towards achieving transparent and actionable climate and emissions reporting, and the implications of the SEC rules on climate risk assessment, reporting & disclosure

View the full event agenda here

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