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In this, our second Digital Insight Report, Environment Analyst charts the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the environmental services space, with an in-depth look at how firms such as AECOM and ERM are embracing the challenges of digital transformation and using new technologies to hone their businesses from both inside and out.

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The wider business world has recognised the inexorable spread of all things digital into almost every corporate activity, and whilst some digital technologies are now commonplace, others such as AI or blockchain, remain for the most part little understood - feared even - and even less implemented. For the environmental industry sector specifically, the applications are manifold and transformative.

Whilst the consensus is that these are and/or will be reshaping businesses, clients and workforces sooner rather than later, some EC leaders have embraced the unknowns much more readily than others. The challenge is not only to digitalise your own business but also to partner and advise your clients as they digitalise their own. But care is needed because you don’t want to find yourself "on the bleeding edge" of this revolution.

"Digital is expensive; you don’t want to find yourself on the bleeding edge of this." Peter Skinner, AECOM

This report provides some essential pointers for firms looking to develop their digital strategies and highlights areas for key consideration, including:

  • An in-depth look at how AECOM and ERM have tackled the subject of digital head on across their respective global operations
  • The benefits as well as potential pitfalls of digitalising your business; including the rise of ‘digital-washing’
  • The imperative to bring in additional expertise from innovation start-ups to tech giants to augment in-house capabilities with case study examples involving IBM, Google and Microsoft
  • Focus on how one global environmental consulting and engineering leader, Arcadis, is future-proofing its 27,000-strong global workforce for the digital age
  • A closer look at the AI/blockchain combination and applications for environmental management and consultancy
  • Real-life examples of where digital technologies are already being used to promote environmental outcomes (courtesy of PwC and others)
  • A snapshot of the digital strategies and most recent digitally-inspired developments (including M&A and partnerships) of the Global 22 EC players featured in Environment Analyst’s global market assessment and reports

This special 20-page Insight Report is available to our UK and Global MIS subscribers as a pdf download. Please log in to view the full report, if you are not already.

Subscribers can download the full Market Insight report here


Environment Analyst Business Summit 2019: Digital Session

This year's Environment Analyst Business Summit (London, 19 June) will feature a panel discussion on 'Harnessing the potential of digital innovation to genuinely improve the environmental consultancy service offering whilst managing the impact on human resources'. View the programme here. Book your space here