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There is growing evidence suggesting sustainability is now critical to long-term business performance and value creation. Senior leaders from across the gamut of players active in this area of consultancy - including Anthesis, ERM, KPMG and PwC - offer their perspectives on the emerging trends and opportunities as corporate sustainability gathers momentum in this special Insight Report.

Members can download the full Insight Report here

The recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) - which have been endorsed by the G20 and other key figures in the financial world - have emerged as an important driver, introducing significant changes to the way the largest corporates manage and disclose climate risks. At the same time, companies are increasingly looking to align their environmental and social challenges with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Little wonder then that there has been a flurry of acquisitional activity in the sustainability consulting area of late - including ERM’s acquisition of SustainAbility and Anthesis buying Spanish-based specialist Lavola - although the management consultants have been far less active in this respect than they were in the first half of the decade. For KPMG, the current strategy is more focused on exploring other forms of partnership and collaboration, particularly to enhance the digital side of its offering around sustainability data analytics and AI.

"Investors now want to know how resilient a company’s business model will be in the face of a low carbon transition or extreme weather events." Philip Case, PwC

Our panel of sustainability consulting leaders provide valuable perspectives on how the demand drivers and disruptors - set against the wider macro socio-economic trends - are expected to play out in the sustainability services space.

Members may download the full report to find out more, including:

  • What level of growth Environment Analyst’s EC forecast model projects for the environmental & sustainability strategy service area (both in the UK and globally)
  • Key observations based on recent commissions ERM has undertaken supporting the work of the TCFD, as well as its own industry clients in scenario-based assessments
  • What KPMG Sustainability Services identifies as its six-phased approach to corporate sustainability - from analysis through to execution and evaluation
  • Conclusions from PwC on the changing nature of the services its Sustainability & Climate Change team is being asked to provide to both public sector clients and private sector organisations - driven by the SDG agenda
  • A closer look at the Anthesis approach to becoming the number-one global sustainability services vendor and why "delivery goes hand in hand with advisory" according to its CEO Stuart McLachlan
  • A glimpse of the future and how digital transformation is shaking up the corporate sustainability (and services) space

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Members can download the full Insight Report here