Ricardo E&E continues growth journey Locked

Group’s exposure to robust government spending programmes around the world, and technological capabilities born out of its automotive and energy heritage is yielding opportunities in the low carbon arena

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Ricardo advises EU on ambitious ‘Fit for 55’ climate measures Locked

Experts from UK-based consultancy Ricardo advised the EU on formulation of ‘Fit for 55’ policy package launched last week

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EU energy efficiency initiatives save one million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions Locked

Dr Louise Evans, senior consultant from Ricardo, shares the outcomes of the consultancy’s recent review of the impacts, and significant benefits, coming from energy efficiency projects funded by the EU and specifically targeting SMEs

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Ricardo commits to verifiable pledges to reach 2030 climate goal Locked

UK-based consultancy outlines plans for net zero goal through increasing renewable energy use and supporting green initiatives - including work off the back of the government’s £1bn public sector decarbonisation scheme

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Ricardo E&E performs strongly in FY19/20 Locked

British environmental and energy consulting outfit sees uptick in demand for net zero and water support services through FY19/20 despite CV-19-related headwinds in second half

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HSE consultancies pivot to tackle coronavirus

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UK water industry moves closer to 2030 net zero Locked

Major utilities and environmental consultants report on progress and further actions needed for sector to fulfil climate ambitions


Ricardo E&E helps drive group result in H1 Locked

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Ricardo & Eunomia support Bristol’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 Locked


Ricardo FY19: Energy & Environment a highlight Locked

Good year for E&E - particularly in Australia - offsets challenges elsewhere for London-listed engineering, technology and environmental consultant; as Brexit preparations take into account a 'range of scenarios and disruptions'

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Ricardo acquires Australian environmental planning firm PLC Locked

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EA Business Summit 2019: ESG and the dirty data dilemma Locked

Environment Analyst’s annual summit last week featured provocative calls for environmental leadership, critical assessments into the sector’s ability to maintain future relevance and insights into tomorrow’s big value drivers

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Ricardo forms dedicated offshore wind team Locked

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Ricardo supports air pollution alert system Locked

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Focus on China grows amongst Western firms Locked

Mott MacDonald, Wood and WorleyParsons among those highlighting successes in China

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Mott Mac-led consortium appointed to BEIS energy innovation programme Locked

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Accelerating the performance of plastic waste recycling Locked

Market Insight: The ban/import restrictions by China (and other potential end-markets) together with growing public awareness provide a strong argument for government and industry to examine the performance of plastic waste recycling in the UK

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Ricardo looks beyond UK as Brexit looms Locked

E&E business sees flat sales in FY18, but increasing demand for government policy and infrastructure support - as well as export opportunities - form focus to help mitigate post-Brexit effects

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Ricardo examines impacts of technologies on EU’s clean transport goals Locked


Ricardo recognised for emissions reporting by UN Locked

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Ricardo E&E grows alongside wider business in H1 Locked

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Brexit checks UK environmental consulting market growth Locked

Strong demand across multiple client sectors fuels another solid performance from the UK EC Top 30, although slowdown evident on Brexit worries finds EA’s latest market report

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Ricardo sets out stall for Northern Powerhouse Locked

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Ricardo educates on climate finance at COP23 Locked

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Ricardo E&E sees double-digit growth in FY17 Locked

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Ricardo E&E loses waste practice director Adam Read Locked

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Waste management consulting: what goes down must come up? Locked

Market Insight: waste industry experts from Ricardo E&E, Eunomia and the ESA help us illuminate the drivers and opportunities in one of the most challenging areas presently in UK environmental consultancy, which has shrunk to less than half of its size of ten years ago

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Environmental consultancy out of Africa Locked

Business leaders from international consulting firms consider the challenges and opportunities of operating in Africa

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Ricardo assists Rwanda with Paris Agreement NDC Locked

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Ricardo reports solid H1 result in spite of political upheavals Locked

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