An investor view on how to successfully deliver global sustainable transformation    Locked

Remy de Tonnac, partner with  ETF Partners, considers the pivotal role of green finance in limiting global warming and ensuring a sustainable future for people and planet.


AECOM recalibrates climate targets in line with net zero standard Locked

Consulting major’s net zero target pushed back to 2040, responding to stringent emissions reduction targets and NZ definition introduced by SBTi standard, as it moves to the “next phase” of ESG strategy. 

Global, North America, UK

GHD: Leveraging tech innovation for sustainable transformation

Brett Roberts, GHD Digital’s global market leader – digital environment, offers a preview of his presentation at the upcoming Environment Analyst Global Business Summit this August in Denver.

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ERM inputs on emissions accounting standard for private equity Locked

Approach enables private equity players to aggregate emissions at fund level for investors and stakeholders.

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CSO hires accelerate, bolstering ESG scores Locked

A global survey by PwC found that companies appointed about as many CSOs in 2020-21 as in the prior eight years combined.

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Accenture snaps up German sustainability specialist  Locked

Transaction further strengthens Accenture’s sustainability capabilities becoming the third specialist acquired by the firm in the space this year

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Science-based targets momentum swells to represent $38tn of global economy Locked

SBTi chief exec talks Environment Analyst through salient points of its latest progress report — indicating “exponential growth” in companies committed to climate targets in line with science and key challenges for the next phase, underlining “the important role of consultants”.

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SNC-Lavalin incorporates ESG into credit facilities Locked

Sustainability-linked loan facilities will result in savings if emissions and staff diversity targets are met.

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Expert Opinion: Hard-to-abate industries, net zero and the role of investors  Locked

Patrick Sheehan, managing partner with ETF (Environmental Technology Fund) Partners, considers how public policy intervention and private sector investment can combine to push heavy emitters towards low-carbon innovation and sustainable transformation.  

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ESG data market could exceed $1.3bn in 2022 Locked

Sustainable fund appetite is helping drive annual growth of 28% in the ESG data market.

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Draft EU standards released for sustainability reporting directive Locked

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Insight: Closing credibility and capability gaps in ESG Locked

Exploring how market and regulatory forces around ESG & sustainability are creating unprecedented demand for talent, and how service providers are responding strategically. Experts from specialist advisory, training and recruitment firms offer tips for building world-class ESG capabilities.


TRC pledges to reach value chain net zero by 2040 Locked

Another major force in US environmental consulting accelerates decarbonisation plans

Global, North America

Stantec reaches carbon neutral in Europe Locked

Canadian-headquartered firm expects to claim global carbon neutrality for 2022 emissions early next year.

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Tetra Tech plans to help a billion people by 2030 Locked

The US consultancy claims its geographical reach positions it well to make a global-scale positive impact.

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ESG overtakes commodities as number one global mining risk, says KPMG Locked

KPMG reports that the majority of survey respondents expect a disruption in the mining sector due to ESG risk in the next three years

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Deloitte announces $1bn investment in global sustainability & climate practice Locked

New global practice set to be one of the largest global networks of sustainability experience providing client-related services, data-driven research, and assets and capabilities

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Expert Opinion: The past, present and future of ESG and credit risk Locked

David Harper, financial trainer at Fitch Learning, explains the development of ESG in credit risk analysis and how Fitch is embedding ESG within its decision making

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BCG chooses Singapore for sustainability hub Locked

Global management consultancy sets up Asia-Pacific climate and sustainability business hub — and partners with leading software company SAP

Asia Pacific, Global, Singapore

Nuclear and gas power ‘not green’, say EC experts Locked

EC Platform on Sustainable Finance delivers final report on extending sustainable finance rules across the whole EU economy, and includes a bombshell.

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Global sustainable reporting standard moves closer Locked

Move comes as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to mandate climate-related disclosures for publicly-traded firms

Global, North America

ESG: how does it really relate to corporate sustainability?

Owner and CEO of UK-based ESG consulting and risk management specialist InvestAssure says companies need to ensure the sustainability of their operational performance matches up to their official ESG ratings

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KPMG reports progress on ESG   Locked


Framework for nature-based disclosures released in beta Locked

Reporting on nature-related financial risks and opportunities to benefit from framework closely aligned with its climate-reporting equivalent


CDP notes growth in environmental data disclosure Locked

Global reporting and tracking organisation claims to house the world’s largest repository of environmental data.


Deloitte finds US companies’ ESG gaps Locked

Mandatory climate disclosure rules for public companies have been proposed by the SEC, but most US companies are not ready.

Global, North America

GRI launches coal reporting standard Locked

The Global Reporting Initiative is set to produce standards for 40 sectors, starting with those with the highest sustainability impacts.


Insurance firm Marsh launches ESG rating tool Locked

Insurance and risk firm's 'ESG Risk Rating' measures performance and provides risk advisory services; ratings can be shared with external stakeholders.

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Expert Opinion: Why banks must grow into their role as agents of ESG change Locked

Martin Seimetz, Commerzbank’s head of risk & resource steering, shares his insights into the latest developments across the sustainable finance landscape and discusses why financial institutions are key to the green transformation

Europe, Global

Bonds market continues green trajectory in spite of increased risks  Locked

Environment Analyst explores some of the hard questions surrounding the continuing surge in global sustainable investment and what it means for consultants and projects on the ground, and how they stand up to accusations of greenwash