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Evolving PFAS regulation is cause for client unrest Locked

Environment Analyst hosted an online event to discuss PFAS policy and practical solutions in light of proposed new regulations and standards.

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AI brings hope and hype to environmental & sustainability sector

Generative AI has transformational potential for the industry, but firms will need to get serious on investment, business strategy and risk mitigation in order to reap the benefits.

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Insight: Why PFAS rulemaking is a game-changer for US consultants Locked

Following the new EPA law on enforceable maximum contaminant levels for PFAS, Environment Analyst takes the pulse of the US environmental & sustainability consulting sector and asks: is it ready to step up its PFAS support?

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STEM outreach crucial to improving ethnic diversity within environment sector Locked

Environment Analyst’s Sustainability Delivery Group and the IES discuss shared approach to overcoming barriers and pursuing promising initiatives.

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Surging demand continues for transition, climate & ESG expertise, finds EA survey Locked

Industry outlook remains very positive with larger firms in particular looking well positioned. Member survey shines light on changing nature of consultant role and workforce given shifting client needs, post-pandemic practices, increasing competition, digitalisation and inflationary pressures.


Education, digitalisation and integration: all key to ESG Locked

Full engagement of clients and staff from project outset is one of several core requirements for capitalising on this pivotal moment for ESG, said panellists at Environment Analyst's US market outlook webinar.

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New frontiers in natural resources, tech and geography to dominate 2023 Locked

ANALYSIS: We present Environment Analyst’s predictions for what will unfold, emerge and increasingly impact demand for specialist environmental & sustainability expertise in the coming year.

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US market analysis highlights immense opportunities for consultants

Our first standalone assessment of the US market finds a thriving industry post-pandemic thanks to the evolving regulatory framework and rise of ESG, albeit one that is undergoing significant structural change.

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Consulting firms upbeat on infrastructure & ESG, hiring & inflation are pinch points  Locked

Failure to make progress on AEC industry diversity highlights need for C-suite and board-level examples. Environment Analyst explores key takeaways from EFCG’s 2022 CEO conference.

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Support for sustainability and climate robust despite economic risk  Locked

Analysis: Past recessions have weakened focus on climate policy, but will structural momentum mean this time is different?

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Global consulting market: all change at the top as climate & ESG drivers dominate

EA’s latest industry data and research report reveals emergence of the sector's own ‘big four’ as environmental & sustainability consulting market sees record M&A activity and solid post-COVID recovery. 


Strategic engagement and systems thinking are key to staying competitive Locked

Participants at our US Business Leaders’ Forum discussed shifting expectations around ESG, the importance of embedding sustainability throughout infrastructure projects and the need to engage at strategic level to stay competitive.

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Global Business Summit: ERM’s CEO on digital transformation, ESG and key megatrends

We spoke to ERM’s global chief executive officer Tom Reichert to get some early insights ahead of his Industry Keynote Address at our Global Business Summit next week.

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Five fundamentals of the climate tech boom Locked

Decarbonising the global economy in order to limit warming to 1.5°C will require the scaling up of renewable technologies on an epic level and at an estimated cost of $1.5tn per year. But, who is going to fund this? (Hint: not governments.) And what is the role of consultants?

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ESG and net zero define new era for UK E&S consulting Locked

Environment Analyst’s latest UK E&S Market Assessment report documents a resurgence in demand for E&S consulting services as a result of ESG and net zero imperatives, combined with the post-pandemic recovery.

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Consultancies up the ante on NZ and ESG goals  Locked

Six months after the publication of Environment Analyst’s acclaimed ‘Consultancies in the race to net zero’ report – and in celebration of UK Net Zero Week – we explore how the top players are looking to advance their leadership role in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Pace of change and scale of transformation will define industry, says AECOM Environment chief exec

Frank Sweet, head of the global environment business line at AECOM, outlines what he sees as the most exciting opportunities and pressing concerns for the industry, in a teaser ahead of our Global Summit.   

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Consultancies seek solutions to hybrid work balancing act  Locked

Environment Analyst presents a summary of our latest Business Leaders’ Forum, where participants based in Europe and North America discussed how the ‘new normal’ approach to hybrid work is affecting everything from business structure to corporate culture.

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Insight: Closing credibility and capability gaps in ESG

Exploring how market and regulatory forces around ESG & sustainability are creating unprecedented demand for talent, and how service providers are responding strategically. Experts from specialist advisory, training and recruitment firms offer tips for building world-class ESG capabilities.


ESG: how does it really relate to corporate sustainability? Locked

Owner and CEO of UK-based ESG consulting and risk management specialist InvestAssure says companies need to ensure the sustainability of their operational performance matches up to their official ESG ratings

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Sustainability: an imperative driving the next generation of consulting leaders Locked

EFCG’s Rising Leaders Conference explored the key priorities and challenges facing consulting & engineering C-suite executives of today and tomorrow. Sustainability emerged as a major focus, as well as talent and technology-related issues, as Environment Analyst reports.

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Are ‘limits to growth’ coming home to roost? Locked

Fifty years since the publication of the seminal environmental text ‘Limits to growth,’ Richard Heinberg, author and senior fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, reflects on how its conclusions stand up to scrutiny against today’s backdrop of converging crises.

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Transition, security, natural solutions: ushering in a new energy era Locked

The turbulent turn of world events has reinforced the urgency for the planet to move away from fossil fuel dependence. Transition was the subject of the day at this year’s International Energy Week, which featured expert commentators from BP, ERM, EY, Schlumberger, Shell and more

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Is the climate action message being lost in translation? Locked

Environment Analyst presents a summary of our latest Sustainability Delivery Group (SDG) roundtable, which discussed the sustainability challenges facing the construction industry and how collaboration will lead the way forward

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Consultancies leading by example in the journey to net zero Locked

An Environment Analyst panel explored progress being made by environmental & sustainability advisers in both facilitating and leading in a just transition - featuring business leaders from AECOM, Anthesis, ERM and WSP 

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Strategies for engagement in the battle for talent Locked

Environment Analyst presents a summary of our latest North American Business Leaders’ Forum focused on the challenges and solutions for helping to attract and retain talent in the current heat of the green jobs market and in the wake of 'the great resignation'

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EA survey points to strong growth in 2022 as sustainability momentum builds Locked

Our latest membership survey report provides timely industry data for budget-setting for the year ahead and beyond. Despite some significant headwinds – around talent and resourcing, not to mention ongoing pandemic pressures – the outlook appears extremely positive for the environmental and sustainability advisory sector


Tectonic shifts in capital allocation to turbocharge ESG Locked

Strategic analysis from authoritative sources highlights both disruption and opportunity from COVID-19, enhanced employee expectations, and the rise and rise of ESG

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Seven sustainability trends & three golden threads for 2022

Environment Analyst’s top sustainability predictions for the new year ahead as we take another step forward in the decade of action

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Consultancies in the race to net zero

An Environment Analyst research report finds the majority of the world’s top environmental and sustainability consulting firms are now working towards science-based climate commitments — with some having set and already achieved accelerated carbon reduction goals — whilst others lag behind in their progress