Brownfield remediation London

Last month Environment Analyst’s Brownfield and Regeneration Network welcomed contractors, consultants and key stakeholders working within the brownfield and regeneration sector to discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead in achieving sustainable remediation. 

Here we present the roundtable outcomes and notes from that roundtable and provide a series of recommendations for brownfield practitioners and business leaders to adopt. 

Read the roundtable report here

The Brownfield Regeneration Network brings together the entire brownfield community through our news and events, to share insights, identify business opportunities and build connections at all levels. 

Key themes 

  • Sustainable remediation is not high enough in the decision-making hierarchy
  • Important to get the balance right between environmental, economic and social factors
  • A unified definition of sustainable remediation is needed
  • Natural solutions on the rise

Key Recommendations

  • Broaden consideration of sustainable remediation to make sure it is resilient
  • Encourage value engineering and cost-benefits when selling sustainability to the client
  • Regulators should champion sustainable remediation
  • Industry needs to use its teeth to challenge over-conservative regulation
  • Need case studies to show that over conservative judgements are not difficult to address
  • Emphasis should be on adapting existing techniques and developing smarter applications rather than developing new technology
  • Opportunities in set-aside land, biodiversity net gain and offsite mitigation

Event write-up library

Brownfield & Regeneration Network members can access all of the event reports from our webinars, panel discussions and roundtables here. These write-ups provide insights from peers and industry experts on how to overcome key challenges