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Advancing business resilience: how can the TNFD help? Locked

Biodiversity consultant for Ramboll UK, Sam Willis, walks us through the newly released TNFD framework and its implications and challenges for business. 


Water neutrality should underpin all development Locked

Expert Opinion: Legislative reforms and systemic change are needed to ensure the powerful concept of water neutrality is implemented at all levels, says Rickesh Miyangar of Ramboll.


ESG experts set out steps to sustainable transformation

Leading environmental & sustainability consultants present case studies and recommendations to assist organisations in navigating the complex world of ESG and sustainability integration.

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Evolving PFAS regulation is cause for client unrest Locked

Environment Analyst hosted an online event to discuss PFAS policy and practical solutions in light of proposed new regulations and standards.

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Galago and Ramboll support TNFD's data project Locked

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures is set to release a biodiversity management framework in September. 

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PFAS: Back to the future Locked

Identifying and mapping the thousands of PFAS chemicals in the environment is like mapping the galaxy – and its dark matter – said participants in BRN's latest PFAS remediation webinar.


Catchment-level approaches help achieve nutrient neutrality Locked

A “strategic site” approach to mitigation and coordinated catchment level planning can help streamline the nutrient neutrality process, said participants at a recent EA webinar. 


Analysis: Growth plan is bold but warnings proliferate Locked

Reactions to the new plan range from alarm at the risks to nature to a cautious welcome for development prospects; but all agree on the importance of a properly supported planning system.


Low carbon economy is key to prosperity says Aldersgate Group Locked

New manifesto urges government to focus on energy efficiency and not to abandon commitments on carbon reduction, nature restoration and waste.


Global consulting market: all change at the top as climate & ESG drivers dominate Locked

EA’s latest industry data and research report reveals emergence of the sector's own ‘big four’ as environmental & sustainability consulting market sees record M&A activity and solid post-COVID recovery. 


Top 100 environmental & sustainability consultancy firms unveiled

Environment Analyst’s Top 100 report identifies the largest E&S consultancies operating globally in 2020/21.

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Group to explore routes to a circular economy in building Locked

Study will identify the main barriers to a systemic shift from a linear to a circular economy in the construction sector.


Expert Opinion: COP15 delays are costing the Earth Locked

Ecosystems consultants from Ramboll UK call for urgency in delivering a global biodiversity framework to help reverse nature loss, after delays continue to impact the international conference.

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Defining challenge: conference covers the options for PFAS

PFAS figured large at Environment Analyst’s Groundwater Conference 2022, which focused on the challenges of defining, discovering and regulating for these emerging contaminants. Ian Grant reports.


Expert opinion: With big business set to fall under TCFD, can it help drive climate action? Locked

Sarah Winne, strategic sustainability associate with Ramboll details the benefits of adopting guidelines while they are still voluntary


Ramboll goes 'all-in' for sustainability in four-year strategy Locked

Danish-headquartered consultancy to end role in O&G exploration, implement mass sustainability training for all 16,000 employees and prepare $380m of investment for M&A and innovation.

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Ramboll buys into digital twin technology Locked

Danish multidisciplinary invests in digital twinning technology to expand firm's sustainable cities service offering

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HS2 eastern leg axed in major policy reversal Locked

Heralded by government as the biggest ever investment in Britain’s rail network, the revised plan has met with fierce criticism


Expert Opinion: The net zero definition debate Locked

Carbon experts from Ramboll discuss the net zero definition debate, public procurement rules and why offsets are not a silver bullet


Pandemic sharpens focus on diversity and workforce priorities Locked

It's been ‘the year of HR’ given the major health and societal forces for change impacting the workforce. But how are consulting & engineering firms responding strategically to these shifts? EFCG’s HR Leadership Conference 2021 offers unique insights 

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Philippa Spence to lead Ramboll in the UK Locked

Philippa Spence appointed as Ramboll’s UK managing director


Ramboll gives sober nod to 'satisfactory but difficult' year Locked

European consulting heavyweight cites negative organic growth in FY20 review, whilst identifying sustainability as a ‘cornerstone’ of group business. Also announces acquisition of Incept Sustainability

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Ramboll advises Scottish government on active travel Locked

Ramboll report finds Scotland can be a global leader in delivering 20 minute neighbourhoods


Ramboll launches strategic sustainability consulting line Locked

The global SSC offering will be a hybrid unit based on management consulting and environmental expertise

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Ramboll UK joins Pledge to net zero Locked

List of signatories to the pledge swells to 65 as another major engineering, design and environmental consultancy joins


Ramboll secures consent for UK’s largest battery Locked

The consultancy provided engineering and environmental services, allowing consent for battery storage at the Gateway Energy Centre


Jacobs joins Environment Analyst’s Sustainability Delivery Group Locked

The 55,000-strong global consulting and technology group Jacobs has become the eighth member of Environment Analyst’s Sustainability Delivery Group.

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Ramboll H1 positive in difficult times Locked

Danish firm sets example in improving profitability while maintaining revenues and staffing levels through pandemic

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Expert Opinion: What is a green recovery without biodiversity? Locked

Three consultants from Danish-headquartered firm Ramboll explain why biodiversity must form part of the post-COVID recovery package


Ramboll reports 2019 sustainability performance Locked

Danish-headquartered consultancy Ramboll has published its annual report for 2019, outlining its sustainability performance and adding further detail on its financial results published in April

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