Government invests £500m in green tech Locked

Rapid charging infrastructure, air pollution reduction technologies, and those tackling indoor air pollution all secured a tranche of this funding.

Modification could make air conditioners five times more efficient Locked

A readily available solvent could hold the key to making heating, ventilation, and air conditioning 500% more efficient, say researchers at Tsinghua and Brown Universities.

Novel heat storage material could reduce costs Locked

AMP Clean Energy and the University of Birmingham could enable firms to store the same amount of heat in a quarter of the space.

High-spec battery for better renewable energy storage? Locked

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are working on a low-cost, high-performance battery chemistry.

Shining a light on solar windows Locked

What if you could create a transparent glass that also serves as a solar panel? That’s what researchers in South Africa are developing. Eoin Redahan reports.

Europe heat pump sales increase 12.9%, finds study Locked

Global sales fell by 3.3%, partly due to China’s slowing economy, according to BSRIA’s research.  

Domestic AI receives slice of £12m Government funding Locked

Dyson and Imperial College London will use artifical intelligence to create household products to make it easier for robots to complete complicated household tasks.

Solar device cleans water without compromising energy generation, claim scientists Locked

This technology should be useful where energy and clean water are in short supply.

Logging wood origin using blockchain Locked

The evolution of blockchain technology could improve the traceability of wood throughout the supply chain, says the European Commission.

"Living buildings” receive £8m funding Locked

Newcastle and Northumbria Universities will seek to develop new building concepts including those that consume their own waste.

You’re taking the... Locked

UWE Bristol is turning urine into electricity.

Waste heat conversion device sets efficiency landmark, say researchers Locked

Swansea University’s 3D printed thermoelectric material converts heat into electric power.

Indoor pollutant risk rises when it’s hotter, claims study Locked

High levels of substances such as formaldehyde and even mercury were found in US homes, according to the Washington State University.

More accurate water usage tool developed Locked

A Swedish university spinout says its technology will help multi-unit dwellers track how much water they consume in different parts of the home.

Delignified wood makes US buildings 50% cooler, claim researchers Locked

The novel wood-based material is eight times stronger than natural wood, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Plant-based insulation material developed Locked

The innovative material has better insulation properties than polystyrene foam, claim Washington State University researchers.

Could air conditioners create low-carbon fuel? Locked

Air conditioning units could be retrofitted to convert CO2 emissions into a renewable fuel, claim German and Canadian researchers.

Termite nests could inspire energy-efficient construction Locked

The pore structure in termite nests enables advanced ventilation and drainage, both of which could be imitated to make our homes healthier.

Stronger organic solar cells? Locked

A novel strengthening process had made organic solar cells more resilient to water, air, and light, according to New York University researchers.

Five novel construction materials for 2019 Locked

Illuminating cement and air-cleaning bricks are among the novel materials that could make construction more efficient, according to CRL.

Novel material to reduce air conditioning costs? Locked

UK and Spanish researchers claim to have developed a cheap, eco-friendly material that is more efficient and cleaner than the gases currently used in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise recognise sustainable innovations Locked

More than 200 businesses have received an award including companies that make efficient boilers and sweeping brushes from degraded recycled plastic.

Fast charging EV station to open in Sunderland Locked

This will be the first UK electric vehicle charging station with a charging capacity of 350kW, according to station provider Fastned.

RFID system could transform Internet of Things Locked

Battery-free RFID tags could be embedded into non-electronic products to provide a far clearer picture of the goings-on in the indoor environment.

Reflective roofs could reduce heat deaths by 25% Locked

Cool roofs may reduce peak day time temperatures by 3°C during heatwaves, claim University of Oxford researchers.

Gove eyes post-Brexit cleantech lead for UK Locked

UK environmental professionals should aim higher than the EU in setting standards and in building green technology markets after Brexit, says the environment secretary.

Indoor green walls seek to improve air quality Locked

The Naava Green Walls incorporate plants chosen for their air purification capabilities.

Six new green technologies or old wine in new bottles? Locked

The drive for better resource efficiency is changing the way we build. Ujjwal Goel, managing director of Teraciel Engineering and Contracting, outlines six technologies coming to a home near you.

CRL identifies four potential eco-construction game changers Locked

Programmable cement and hydroceramics are among the next generation of construction materials, according to CRL.

Transformative construction projects get Government funding Locked

A novel piling system and AI planning technology are among the projects to receive funding from the Government’s £18m Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.