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Environment Analyst’s Brownfield and Regeneration Network welcomed a group of brownfield contractors, consultants and key stakeholders for a roundtable discussion entitled: Tackling the skills shortage: what does the next generation brownfield professional look like? 

Here we present the outcomes and notes from that discussion held on 18 January. This summary provides a series of recommendations for brownfield practitioners and business leaders to adopt. 

Members can read the report here.

Key themes 

  • Should firms focus on recruiting or retaining staff?
  • Should firms focus on trained professionals or training junior staff?
  • How are firms dealing with salary inflation?
  • Where is the next generation coming from?
  • How to engage new workers early enough in their educational cycles
  • How can regulators or local authorities retain workers?

Key Recommendations

  • Provide on the job training interwoven with higher education 
  • Support future workers both financially, and through providing access to proper training and educational opportunities
  • Start the engagement process early enough - before GCSEs
  • Invest in early careers programmes instead of recruitment consultants
  • Provide real achievable career growth opportunities within the company
  • Consciously bid on tenders that provide opportunities to utilise to junior workforce
  • Engage the volunteer communities to develop themed activities and events

Event write-up library

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